Home living has changed radically, and consequently, so has the layout of living spaces.

Italian ceramics are a must-have worldwide: safe, sustainable, recyclable, original in shape, resistant, and with a beauty that lasts and lasts…

“Matter returns to matter”. Our way of being, our way of doing.

What to do before you go, to come back to a perfect home with gleaming tiles!

An eclectic interior design tale: the 3D wall

Now that your dream ceramics are in place, how to keep your tiles sparkling clean every day? All it takes is a little advice. Here’s how …

Architects and designers are increasingly looking towards large sizes, able to strike a perfect balance between style and function.

Soft and vibrant, with material and design qualities, 3D tiles have the ability to strongly define settings, creating optical chiaroscuro effects, playing with the light…

Ductile, sound-absorbing, hygienic, insulating and ecological, it improves the energy efficiency and appearance of architecture projects.

Among the new ideas presented at Cersaie 2019, Mat&More is an innovative ceramic product that makes contrast an art form.

The big size becomes easy thanks to white body technology

All the virtues of ceramics: natural, elegant, recyclable and ecological. Versatile and long-lasting, suited to any context and every type of surroundings.