We are creators

Fap Designers take the time to handle and play around with the material, using original craftsmanship practices and new materials to identify the effect and the emotion they wish to convey to the ceramic tiles. Each project derives from an inspiration, from research and experimentation carried out on new techniques and materials. This shapes the contemporary craftmanship of Fap, a new approach to decorating walls, exploring the untapped potential of ceramics.

The poetry of experimenting
with artistic and artisanal techniques
nourishes technological innovation
that helps us to achieve
the most evocative aesthetic results.

We love embellishing the forms
with luminescent details
to enhance shapes and illuminate interiors.

Over 30 collection of white-body wall tiles and porcelain stoneware tiles, ranging from traditional sizes to large surfaces and the 120x278 MAXXI size, ideal for creating continuous walls, with no joints and no limits to beauty.

Extra glossy 3d reliefs
on matt backgrounds that play
with the light to open windows onto the world,
letting nature in.

and style

We observe the evolution of the world around us o design interiors that resonate with you, that welcome you and make you feel good. (Enveloped by beauty and comfort).