25 years of passion, research, craftsmanship and design.
25 years of wall tiles, stoneware flooring, large slabs and décor elements that reveal a strongly artistic approach.

A story of ceramics Made in Italy; of dreams come true and projects completed; of beauty and technology. A vision that looks to the future of lifestyle, design and living models, aimed at meeting practical and functional needs, while satisfying a sense of beauty.



Designer tiles, floor and wall coverings
in ceramics and porcelain stoneware,
created in italy with style and passion.

New chapters in the Fap story are being written all the time on the walls and floors of numerous homes all over the world: a beautiful, hi-tech ceramic tale of dreams come true. In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.  

Art, research and poetry

Fap Designers take the time to handle and play around with the material, using original craftsmanship practices and new materials to identify the effect and the emotion they wish to convey to the ceramic tiles. This is a complex, thrilling artistic process, aimed at satisfying the desires of architects, project designers and design lovers. This is the origin of Fap's contemporary craftsmanship approach, the extra-large sizes, the new take on walls and how to decorate them, exploring the hidden potential of the third dimension of ceramic tiles. The Fap collections are inspired by an intuition fed by art, aesthetic research, colour and material. We observe the evolution of the world around us o design interiors that resonate with you, that welcome you and make you feel good.

Be creative!
Be inspired…

The latest design trends give tiles the task of decorating and embellishing walls with the beauty and sustainability of ceramics and the power of artistic craftsmanship, for a decor effect that requires no furnishings, creating our very own art galleries.

Extra-large sizes
for limitless beauty

FAP MAXXI 120x278

Large sizes offer the opportunity to enhance settings with seamless surfaces, create plain floor-to-ceiling or 240 cm walls with a minimum number of elements and design perfectly coordinated furnishing elements, such as wardrobes, console tables, designer beds, washbasin tops, tables, kitchen tops and surfaces, for a total look shaped by Fap ceramiche.

FAP MAXXI 120x278

How to furnish a modern home
with taste and originality!


Furnishing your home is a great adventure that allows you to express yourself and create the ideal environment in which to live, relax and dream… Find out all the ideas for furnishing your home with personality, winking an eye at the main design trends.