We are memory

The story of Fap ceramiche began in the mid-Sixties, when Fabbrica Artistica Piastrelle in Sassuolo started producing beautiful, quality floor and wall tiles. In 1997, after thirty years of success on markets all over the world, the company joined Gruppo Concorde, one of the major players in the international ceramics sector. The Fap brand later underwent a relaunch, establishing a clear, distinctive positioning vis-à-vis the demands of the market that led to the identification of bathroom wall tiles and residential flooring as the company’s core business. New chapters in the Fap story are being written all the time on the walls and floors of numerous homes all over the world: a beautiful, hi-tech ceramic tale of dreams come true. In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.

We are italians
We take beauty to the world


Using imagination to offer products and solutions able to express the personality of the occupants throughout the home: this is FAP’s mission, inspired by the ceramic district par excellence, where age-old traditions team with on-going evolution. Fap ceramiche tiles are produced exclusively in Italy, using carefully selected raw materials and environmentally friendly technologies, in safe, certified working conditions.


Made in Italy
& Made in Fap

The company is an institution of fundamental importance for society, which is why we adhere to the Code of Ethics of Confindustria Ceramica, which undertakes to clearly indicate the origin of the products, operating in a correct, transparent manner vis-à-vis customers, suppliers and workers. Made in Italy and Made in FAP: synonymous with excellence, style, innovation, design, environment, quality and ethics.

We are creators
Matter, people, passion
Your sweet home

Fap Designers take the time to handle and play around with the material, using original craftsmanship practices and new materials to identify the effect and the emotion they wish to convey to the ceramic tiles. Each project derives from an inspiration, from research and experimentation carried out on new techniques and materials. This shapes the contemporary craftmanship of Fap, a new approach to decorating walls, exploring the untapped potential of ceramics. Over 30 collection of white-body wall tiles and porcelain stoneware tiles, ranging from traditional sizes to large surfaces and the 120x278 MAXXI size, ideal for creating continuous walls, with no joints and no limits to beauty.

We are color
and decor

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The colours and decorations of Fap are studied by paying close attention to interior furnishing trends, and can be combined with all kinds of furnishing elements. Fap ceramiche surfaces project every setting into a new dimension, shaped by colour, transparencies and painstaking attention to detail. A catalogue rich in colour, matter and light, offering an effective response to the needs of those seeking inspiration for their furnishings, with unique solutions, 3D walls, mosaics and special trims, for perfect finishes that team ceramic tradition with contemporary design.

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We are ceramics
A mindful choice

Discover all the advantages of ceramic materials: they contain no plastic, are fire-resistant, do not give off toxic fumes, do not expand or alter, are not conducive to the growth of bacteria and mould, and are recyclable. When properly installed, they guarantee lasting stability and hygiene throughout the home, as well as in workplaces and in the hospitality sector.

Does not burn

Ceramic has a Class A1 reaction to fire: it does not ignite and in case of fire, does not give off smoke or toxic gases.

Maximum hygiene

Easy to clean, non-absorbent, stainproof and resistant to aggressive detergents.

Safe for health

Unlike other materials, it does not contain plastic, asbestos and formaldehyde and does not emit hazardous organic substances into the environment.

Resistant to everything

Does not wear down under foot traffic, does not scratch, does not stain, it does not dent and the colour does not change even when exposed to the sun’s rays.


The design, surfaces, sizes of ceramic make it ideal for covering wall and floors in virtually any environment. It is an excellent thermal conductor, which makes it an ideal choice for underfloor heating.


The production process complies with the strictest environmental standards of the European Union.