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The story of Fap began in the mid-Sixties, when Fabbrica Artistica Piastrelle in Sassuolo started producing beautiful, quality floor and wall tiles.
In 1997, after thirty years of success on markets all over the world, the company joined Gruppo Concorde, one of the major players in the international ceramics sector. The Fap brand later underwent a relaunch, establishing a clear, distinctive positioning vis-à-vis the demands of the market that led to the identification of bathroom wall tiles and residential flooring as the company’s core business.
New chapters in the Fap story are being written all the time on the walls and floors of numerous homes all over the world: a beautiful, hi-tech ceramic tale of dreams come true.
In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.


Imagining and subsequently offering products and solutions able to express the personality of home-dwellers, both in the bathroom area and throughout the house: this is the mission of FAP Ceramiche, with a vision shaped inthe ceramic district par excellence, where thousands of years of tradition are handed down and taken on board in ongoing artistic and technological developments the company embarks on with the aid of contemporary design.

Everything is imagined, discussed, tested and crafted in Italy, along a production chain that runs from the raw materials to the finished product. In this process, concepts such as quality, creativity and technology are more than just words: they’re put into practice, checked and open to verification every step of the way.



FAP Ceramiche offers a catalogue of over 30 collections: decorated, coloured, polished or satin-finish tiles; lines that take their inspiration from marble, stone or wood; mosaics and special trims for a perfect finish. A range of white-body covering products that includes both traditional, non-rectified sizes and larger surfaces with squared edges, suitable for continuous, jointless walls. The offer includes collections in porcelain stoneware, in which the power of cutting-edge technology teams with the design expertise the company is famous for: the enormous variety of sizes includes MAXXI sizes of up to 120x278.

This is a catalogue with a fil rouge able to give shape to the needs of those seeking inspiration for furnishing their home, featuring options in rich colours or delicate nuances, representing the perfect blend of ceramic tradition and contemporary design.


Fap Ceramiche research is rooted in craftsmanship
tradition, and is the story of lengthy,
impassioned experimentation with the material. 


Every project comes from an inspiration, from research and from the experimentation of new techniques and materials of ceramic tradition. Ancient art, the archetype of beauty that continues to renew itself giving aesthetic pleasure together with the high functionality and modernity of ceramics, the material which most excellently matches contemporary flavour and spirit, to the most evolved - and therefore most original-trends.

Fap designers take time to play, manipulating the material and getting their hands dirty, using different craft practices on different materials, to discover effects and emotions to reproduce on ceramics. This is how Fap creates its contemporary craftsmanship, with its unique, ultra-large sizes, the new way of interpreting and decorating walls, exploring the unexpressed potential and the third dimension of ceramics. 


All Fap Ceramiche tiles are produced exclusively in Italy, guaranteed by certified working conditions and using eco-friendly technologies and materials able to guarantee 100% safety. Here at Fap, we believe companies are an institution of fundamental importance for civil society, which is why we are pleased to adhere to the Confindustria Ceramica Code of Ethics, which clearly states the origin of products and requires a commitment from companies to operate transparently and honestly vis-à-vis everyone they deal with: customers, suppliers and workers.
This is why FAP Ceramiche believes that the concepts Made in Italy and Made in FAP are not simply synonymous with excellence, but an expression of values such as style, innovation, design, environment, quality and ethics. 


The environment is of incalculable value to all of us. Here at Fap Ceramiche, we are well aware of this, which explains why we do everything in our power to respect the habitat we live in. For this reason, our manufacturing processes and technological research have always gone hand in hand with a rigorous environmental policy that conditions our whole way of thinking, working and be-having towards the world around us.

Fap Ceramiche has created the ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION (EPD), which has been certified by an independent body. The EPD is a sort of identity card for products, which describes their impact on the environment, from the extraction of the raw materials through to sale and on through their entire life cycle until disposal.

Fap Ceramiche is one of the first companies in the ceramic sector to have achieved the PRODUCT ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT (PEF), an environmental declaration tool promoted by the EU. Fap Ceramiche’s PEF is certified by an independent body.
The independent body DNV-GL has certified that all Fap white -body tiles contain more than 20% pre-consumer recycled




Download ISO 45001 certification

In line with the attention it has always paid to human and professional values, in 2018 Fap obtained the ISO 45001:2018 standard, which is specially designed to help companies to define policy objectives to develop Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). The certificate demonstrates the company’s deep commitment to the improvement of human resources management, more systematic control and a deeper awareness of all the risks inherent in normal and extraordinary operations in the workplace. Fap’s aim is to create an ever more comfortable and safer working environment, contributing to generating further and constant positive effects on activities, products and services, in line with the standard’s two fundamental principles: continuous improvement and compliance with applicable legislation. The obtaining of the certification recognized at global level therefore confirms Fap ceramiche’s constant commitment both to knowledgeable production and to its customers and staff, composed of qualified professionals able to ensure the highest possible levels of research, design and innovation for 100% Made in Italy porcelain stoneware products of value.


ISO 9001

Download Iso 9001 certification