New trend: big size tiles

New trend: big size tiles

The big size becomes easy thanks to white body technology

The big size becomes easy thanks to white body technology

The trendy interiors of the future will be increasingly characterised by large size tiles, a stylistic and architectural solution that makes it possible to cover large surfaces combining design and practicality, without limiting beauty.

While the large slabs of yesterday imposed limits on thickness, today they offer reduced thicknesses of a few millimetres, making them more adaptable and easier to install: you just need one or few elements to make innovative applications, decorative walls and furnishings in ceramics, such as tables and tops. 

The last limitation of porcelain stoneware, more resistant and therefore the more difficult to perforate, cut and adapt to more particular designs, has also been overcome.

Thanks to FAP’s brand new white body covering, large size tiles are now softer, lighter and easier to finish and model for the most creative design ideas.

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BLOOM. Big size becomes easy!

BLOOM is the ultimate in large size tiles, the largest yet made with white body technology, in the original 80x160 cm format, simple to handle and personalise, for lending prestige and visual continuity to spaces with a lowest possible number of joints.
With just three slabs it’s possible to furnish an environment up to a height of 240 cm, creating luxurious carpets, spectacular backgrounds, captivating walls or a wallpaper effect.

BLOOM also stands out for its surprising patterns, textiles and colours, which burst onto the ceramic material with warm contemporary shades, strong accents and surprising patterns that sculpture the walls with broad, natural and never repetitive movements.

Artistic ceramics able to furnish and recount the personality of those inhabiting the spaces, are ideal as bathroom coverings and for all home and contract environments.  

The originality of the collection is expressed in particular in the Print and Star large size slabs, decorative 3D surfaces that recall artisan processes, creating vibrant movements and fascinating light and shade contrasts on the ceramic material.

Decorative possibilities continue with the Dandelion, Delavé, Rose and Jungle series of panels, a cornucopia of colours, light touches and tactile movements, perfect for an artistic and inspired furnishing solution. Mosaics and tiles complete the collection with ultra-glam metallic finishings in relief.