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3D ceramics: the third dimension of walls

Soft and vibrant, with material and design qualities, 3D tiles have the ability to strongly define settings, creating optical chiaroscuro effects, playing with the light…

In the era of 3D printing architecture, FAP focuses on the touch aspect of design, introducing a new way of perceiving and decorating walls!

The new FAP collections move in this direction, exploring the 3d side of ceramics. The extremely modern results take inspiration from (also very ancient) art and craft techniques, which FAP’s designers have experimented with different materials until finding the desired effect, the right emotion to reproduce on the ceramic material.  

Sculpture, engraving, embroidery, pleating… there are many forms to be found in FAP Ceramiche’s 3D tiles, each developed with a different spirit: different decorations, finishings, patterns, and wide-ranging palettes, making it possible to choose from different styles and tastes and cover both contracted and residential spaces with originality.

The decorative aspect is also developed to the full in the large format, creating enormous ornamental possibilities, even without graphics: something more long-lasting than interior design trends. Large sculptured volumes, soft and sensual carpets in relief that rediscover the tactile quality of ceramics while increasing the depth and beauty of the space.

Let’s take Bloom, for example, the largest wall covering tile in white body.
Thanks to the 80x160 format, it’s possible to cover walls right to the ceiling (240 cm) with only 3 slabs.
The Star and Print elements are among the most expressive 3D tiles in the Bloom collection.
The first recalls the lightness of pleated paper and the grace of origami; the second re-evokes refined minute engravings, palpitating with materiality.

The 3D tiles in the collection inspired by marble, or shiny like the Lumina Glam tiles, enrich this expressivity with reflections of light and movements, as found in the splendid white body Mat&More collection that plays with gloss-on-matt geometric combinations in relief, for a dynamic and decidedly eye-catching design.

Piastrelle effetto 3d

Whatever the inspiration, with three-dimensional tiles, walls become vibrant and sophisticated.
Interiors become immersive, sensorial and highly expressive.

Find out about the third dimension of ceramics!