Limitless creativity: 5 ideas for modern bathroom furniture

Limitless creativity: 5 ideas for modern bathroom furniture

How to furnish a modern bathroom and customise it with style

Furnishing a modern bathroom is fun as it allows you to tap into your creativity and unleash your personal style in one of the most intimate and soothing rooms of the home.

In this article, we explore five ideas for modern bathroom furniture, each one inspired by a unique and timeless style. From minimalist elegance to vintage charm, to transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style.

1. Minimalist Elegance

Lovers of Less is More will appreciate the refined beauty of minimalism. In this case the bathroom project revolves around three key aspects: simplicity, clean-cut shapes and understated elegance, which can be achieved by preferring furniture with clean-cut silhouettes and materials such as metal, glass and ceramic.

The ideal bathroom tiles are cement effect porcelain stoneware and oxidised effect wall tiles in neutral and pale shades. In this bathroom, we’ve paired the Bloom White and Oxide White Rust 80x160 wall tiles from COLOR>MOOD, which perfectly match the Ghiaccio Matt 120x120 floor tiles from MILANO MOOD.
Bare essentials, boundless peace: water and self-connection in minimalist escapes.

2. Industrial Charm

Cement and oxidised metal are also confirmed as the preferred materials for the urban and contemporary style, which shares with Minimalist Elegance the sleek silhouettes and the near absence of decorations or furnishing accessories.

Cement effect porcelain stoneware in grey scale affords the industrial charm of raw yet elegant materials, and perfectly matches the ultra glamour oxidised wall tiles, which are currently at the top of the trend chart.

A customised ceramic washbasin and discrete lighting will help create a modern and timeless ambiance, like the one in this raw chic bathroom decorated with 80x160 bathroom tiles from the COLOR>MOOD collection in two colour variants and finishes: Grigio Matt and Grey Rust, which liaise perfectly with the 120x120 stoneware flooring from the MILANO MOOD collection in Antracite colour and Matt finish.

3. Classicism Revisited

For fans of the olden days with a splash of modernity, classicism revisited is simply perfect.

Opt for bathroom furniture with classic silhouettes that have been restyled with a modern twist, premium finishes, glossy and gleaming details, using mosaic or decorative bathroom tiles, such as Archs Insert mix 100x120 from the ROMA GOLD collection which, alone, furnishes the entire bathroom, creating a royal-looking frame around the sanitary fixtures.

The rich and varied composition strikes the perfect balance between ultra-elegant and mirror-finish surfaces: Onice Neve Brillante and Onice Miele Brillante, again from the ROMA GOLD collection in the 50x120 size, and Onice Miele Brillante Mosaic in the 30.5x30.5 size which decorates the backlit alcove, lighting up the brilliant white of the wall and reflected in the mirror to flood the setting with even more light. The flooring is commandeered by a spectacular icy ROMA GOLD Onice Neve Brillante in the 80x80 size.

4. Mediterranean Cool

If you dream of a bathroom that lets you shut everything else out as you delight in the bliss of a slow and warm Mediterranean atmosphere, then the SUMMER collection is just for you!

Textured tiles, packed with movement that bring to mind the landscapes, architecture and typical craft items of the Mediterranean. Wall tiles and floors in porcelain stoneware packed with the expressive wealth of natural enveloping colours will satisfy your travel bug.

Our ideal SUMMER bathroom is decorated with Brezza and Ombra bathroom wall tiles in the 30.5x91.5 size, adorned with the Luce Brezza 30.5x30.5 Mosaic which lights up with a myriad gleams as the light strikes it, owing to extra glossy accents.

The flooring celebrates the happy marriage of SUMMER Brezza Matt in the 80x80 size and 29.5x32.5 Brezza Gres Round Mosaic, both in Matt finish to deliver safety and performance.

5. Vintage Style

Amidst enduring trends, Vintage rises above fleeting fads. Indeed, this style has always expressed craftsmanship, authenticity and personality.

Our vintage bathroom has borrowed two iconic yet highly contemporary style features from the past: the brick which recalls lofts and New York homes in the most exclusive and fashionable neighbourhoods, and Venetian terrazzo, a rich and diverse flooring which adorns the stately homes of the Serenissima, the Republic of Venice.

FAP has interpreted these great classics in its GLIM collection, merging two distant styles in the full and modern appeal of colour.

The perfect pairing can be seen in this bathroom, whose walls are dominated by the GLIM Blu Navy Brillante brick in the 6x24 size together with 60x60 GLIM Gemme Bianco Matt which decorates the entire bathroom top and is also mirrored in the flooring thanks to the appeal of the R10 finish.

Be inspired!

In conclusion, furnishing a modern bathroom with style and creativity is an opportunity to express your personality and make this space unique and welcoming.

Thanks to a unique and eternal style, you can turn your bathroom into a wonderful sanctuary, adapting it to your particular taste and lifestyle.