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Top architecture looks to large sizes

Architects and designers are increasingly looking towards large sizes, able to strike a perfect balance between style and function.


Large-size ceramic tiles have proved to be a must for architecture and design, and are increasingly able to team beauty with practical appeal. Maxi slabs are ideal for projects on a variety of scales, offering exemplary technical solutions: superb performance, easy laying and handling, top-level customisation options and design and an ability to rise to the aspirations of contemporary living.

In some areas in particular – such as living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as spas, reception areas, boutiques, cafés and restaurants – large sizes can be used in all their splendour, guaranteeing harmony, continuity across surfaces and between floors and walls, bringing out the beauty of the overall architectural project and enhancing the shapes and prestige of the furnishings.

Space is smooth and fluid: its beauty is not broken up by horizontal or vertical joints.

All it takes is a few elements to create a splendid whole-wall effect, with appealing floor-to-ceiling compositions, striking walls or original combinations, even in small spaces, because visual continuity amplifies the sensation of width and depth.

FAP Ceramiche’s take on this new must-have comprises two new series of ceramics: FAP MAXXI and Bloom, collections with a sophisticated design aimed at those seeking to customise and perfect their living spaces with the maximum freedom of expression, using prestigious material with outstanding technical performance.


FAP MAXXI. Stoneware floors and walls

The large size, which originated as a technical solution, has now taken on an aesthetic dimension, essential yet sumptuous, able to enhance spaces with continuous, elegantly contemporary surfaces. FAP MAXXI - in the 120x278 cm size and with a thickness of just 6 mm – guarantees maximum design freedom. Beautiful and flexible, it’s also ideal for designing furnishing elements and finishes such as designer beds, wardrobes, tables, counters, kitchen tops and surfaces, for a total look by FAP Ceramiche. The large size is able to enhance the style of the effects and the material inspirations. The marble-effect stoneware surfaces are incredibly bright, with the streaking and veining effects reproduced all over to create an effect only natural marble was hitherto able to offer, while the resin-effect stoneware enhances the soft, satin effect of the surfaces, shaping an elegant, measured, superbly enveloping whole able to evoke pleasing tactile sensations.

Bloom. White-body wall tiles

Bloom is unique in terms of both style and a size never before seen for white-body wall tiles. The 80x160 cm slabs are light, easy to cut, perforate and handle, and can be used to create plain walls of up to 240 cm in height with just three tiles. 
Bloom brings a broad sense of visual continuity to settings. In terms of style, Bloom also offers surprising options for the most audacious, original interior designers, with pleasantly tactile base tiles in a modern, sophisticated range of colours and surprising graphic patterns, featuring brand-new 3D effects for white-body ceramics. 


Bloom Star offers the lightness of paper and the appeal of origami, with the light creating appealing movements on the three-dimensional ceramic surface.

In Bloom Print, the ceramic material appears sculpted by skilled hands, engraved with natural movements to create a pleasing sensory effect. Also in the large size is the series of Dandelion, Delavé, Rose and Jungle decorative panels, designed to enrich projects with a light, dynamic, colourful touch.

For large projects, you can count on FAP!