80x160 white-body Smart Slabs

80x160 white-body Smart Slabs

The smart size ideal for retail projects


80x160 Smart Slabs are an excellent solution in terms of appearance and durability, and they’re also easy to lay and maintain. 
They are able to meet a variety of needs, from technical and structural to marketing. Ideal for designing an appealing shopping experience, they are an especially popular choice in the world of architecture and interior design, also for retail settings.

80x160 Smart Slabs: innovation and versatility

Today’s innovative technologies allow us to manufacture smart slabs of increasingly large sizes, featuring increasingly elaborate graphics, textures and patterns, further boosting the versatility and flexibility of large-size tiles, as well as extending the application options available to Designers and Design Engineers.

The 80x160 Smart Slabs in particular are extremely easy to use,

  • making it easier to tile walls from top to bottom or across large surfaces, with a smaller number of elements and joints; 
  • extending décor and customisation options for retail projects;
  • making contemporary, trendy architectural projects easier to carry out and more satisfying.

Reasons to choose Smart Slabs for a retail project

Large-size Smart Slabs can be used for a wide range of applications in the retail sector. 

They can be applied on walls, large floor areas, counter tops and used for other decorative and structural purposes, offering leading-edge aesthetic and functional solutions. 

White-body Smart Slabs offer advantages in terms of both technical performance and appearance.

Reasons to choose the 80x160 Smart Slabs by Fap Ceramiche

FAP pays close attention to the Retail, Contract and Hospitality sectors.

The aim of the FAP Smart 80x160 project is to offer high-quality flooring and coverings in a size that brings out the colour and material beauty of highly technical, top-performing white-body tiles.

Technical characteristics and performance

Ceramic material is versatile, resistant and offers excellent performance. The FAP ‘sharp-edge’ cutting process allows for smooth, continuous, perfect surfaces, with virtually invisible joints. This is a practical advantage too, because it prevents dirt from gathering between the tiles and makes them easier to keep clean.

Aesthetic characteristics and variety of styles

The range offers a wide variety of effects, finishes, colours, textures and special trims, as well as a delightful series of decorations with a rich variety of dynamic graphics, 3D matt and glossy effects, and solutions for special applications. 

This makes the 80x160 Smart Slabs a smart choice for architectural projects in the retail sector.

Resistant, versatile and with a contemporary style, these large-size tiles offer endless design options, turning retail settings into eye-catching, functional environments.

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