Interior design and shopping experience

Interior design and shopping experience

A symphony of 3D tiles for retail design.

A symphony of 3D tiles for retail design.

Design is a fundamental aspect of the shopping experience: it distinguishes and illustrates the brand, gives added value to the product and contributes to the success of boutiques, showrooms and concept stores.

The purchasing experience is constantly evolving and shifting, especially in a liquid society like the one we live in today, where it’s not enough to have top-quality products with a unique form to win hearts: they must be accompanied by a project, a vision and an ability to communicate with the same passion that goes into making those products.

Boutiques, showrooms, concept stores and hospitality facilities are the ideal places to transmit this passion and engage people.


To do so, each element must be able to evoke and showcase the brand identity, making it memorable thanks to a retail design that speaks to the shopper’s heart and stimulates their imagination.

The world of consumerism is launching fresh challenges, and we’re ready to rise to them with a new economy of the in-store experience, which is vital for the success of a brand.

Furnishings, details, lighting, flooring and wall coverings, digital innovations, background sounds and essences…all these elements can come together to create emotional scenarios able to awaken the senses and make for a truly unique, engaging shopping experience.

It’s not just a question of designing a space: it’s about shaping an experience, thanks to carefully tuned interior design and visual merchandising.

To shape this design experience, Fap recommends large-size tiles and 3D walls: hugely appealing, technological solutions that can be used to create intriguing, voluptuous atmospheres, striking settings and ultra-sensory backdrops, thanks to the versatility of an exceptionally sustainable, hygienic, ductile, high-performance material. 

The large-size tiles turn ceramics into design objects, able to bring a touch of elegance to walls and reducing joints to a minimum.

The BLOOM collection teams these magnificent furnishing characteristics with all the ductility of white-body tiles, which are much lighter and easier to handle, install and pierce than porcelain stoneware.

Soft-look concrete-effect tiles, with only three elements required to reach a height of 240 cm, so that smooth, perfectly detailed walls can be achieved with a minimum number of joints and the corresponding special trims and edge tiles: a fluid, perfectly balanced design that brings a splendid elegance to retail spaces.

BLOOM is also an emotional, multi-sensory experience.

The beauty of the large, three-dimensional tiles for complete walls envelops the observer with natural, sweeping movements, creating pleasant sensations enriched with contemporary textures and colours.


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