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Ceramic material and Architecture

Ductile, sound-absorbing, hygienic, insulating and ecological, it improves the energy efficiency and appearance of architecture projects.


Architecture is an interpretation of life, art and interior design, focusing on people considered as “dwellers” – as defined by Gio Ponti – emphasising its creative power.
FAP seeks to follow with this approach with products and inspirations that allow people to express their individual personality, satisfy their aspirations or, even better, surprise them with complete, original and fully coordinated proposals. 

Good architecture places people at the centre without losing sight of the relative context, using excellent, technical and sustainable materials.
And what’s better than the ceramic material?

Ductile, sound-absorbing, hygienic, insulating and ecological, it’s «an ancient material, which comes from the earth and returns to the earth» presenting – as Renzo Piano points out - «also characteristics such as resistance, long-life, infinite colour possibilities and the ability to reflect light, making hit functionally perfect and extraordinary in different situations».

And it’s precisely with regards to the decorative and surprise aspect that FAP has focused its research, promoting the successful partnerships between art and technology, craftsmanship and design, beauty and sustainability, as guaranteed by the Environmental Product Declaration, certifying the use of “low-emission” and partly recycled materials in order to reduce effects on the climate and on the habitat to a minimum.


The ceramic material is, therefore, a virtuous material that makes it possible to achieve our architectural dream, embodying beauty and sustainability!

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