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Sparkling clean every time: how to clean joints and tiles

Now that your dream ceramics are in place, how to keep your tiles sparkling clean every day?
All it takes is a little advice. Here’s how to keep joints and tiles clean.

Ceramic material offers excellent performance in terms of lasting resistance, and most importantly, doesn’t require complex maintenance and cleaning.
Large-size tiles are even easier to take care of, because they are studied to facilitate laying and to obtain virtually invisible joints, which not only look good, but also make cleaning simpler.

A must for cleaning joints and tiles is undoubtedly steam. All you have to do is direct the jet towards the joints and let the heat do its job. Afterwards, just run a dry cloth over them for sanitised, sparkling tiles that look freshly laid!
Alternatively, it’s a good idea to regularly wipe tiles with a microfibre cloth, which not only quickly removes droplets and humidity, but also removes traces of soap and sanitises the tiles without the use of detergent: all it takes is a few moves to leave surfaces so clean you can see your face in them.

But the beauty of ceramics is not only that they’re easy to lay and to clean…ceramic material is a clean choice in every sense!

Ceramics: simple, ecological, sustainable.

FAP tiles are produced exclusively in Italy, in accordance with certified work protocols, technologies that respect the environment and top-quality, safe materials whose origin is clearly indicated in accordance with the Code of Ethics of Confindustria Ceramica.

Production is carried out in observance of a rigorous environmental policy, attested to by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), certified by an independent body: a sort of ID card for products, which describes their environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from the quarrying of the raw materials through to disposal.

This is why we can say the ceramic material is not only easy to clean and to lay, but that it’s a “clean” product in every sense!

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