Decorating your home: how to personalise a room

Decorating your home: how to personalise a room

How to decorate your home with original tips and unique ideas to improve your space with style.

The best design projects are those where people break the rules.

That’s according to Nathan Jay Berkus, an American interior designer widely known for his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where he gives tips on furnishing and decorating homes.

This quote contains the very essence of interior design.
In a world where trends and styles change rapidly, the key to creating unique and personal spaces lies in finding the courage to think outside the box.
Customising a room does not mean following the latest trends, but rather instilling your own personality and creativity in the space.

Learning the techniques, making them their own, and then breaking the rules is what characterises the work of great authors and artists, and it is also the guiding thought behind FAP Ceramiche, whose projects, decorations and collections invite customers and designers to dare, personalise, experiment, and mix and match.

This is thanks to a ceramics production philosophy which is designed and implemented to allow the maximum level of co-ordination: every collection aims to allow stylistic and textural crossings, virtually infinite combinations, going beyond the limits of the concept of a “collection” in and of itself, in order to facilitate inspiration of design professionals and enthusiasts personally engaged in furnishing and decorating their homes.

Interior Design: the art of decorating homes

Interior design is a discipline which combines aesthetics and functionality to create spaces which are not just beautiful, but improve residents’ quality of life.
A good interior design project takes into account day-to-day requirements in terms of comfort and practicality, incorporating elements of style which reflect the owner’s personality.

The art of decorating a home goes beyond simply furnishing and finishing: it means embellishing and personalising the layout of the spaces with considered, creative choices which transform the spaces into welcoming and unique environments.

The magic of colours: adorning houses with style

Colours have an extraordinary power to transform environments. Changing the colour of the walls is one of the most effective ways to refresh a house without completely revamping all the furnishings and finishes.

Warm tones such as red, orange and yellow can make an environment more welcoming and dynamic, while cold colours such as blue and green create relaxing and serene environments.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold and unusual combinations: often, the boldest choices are those which create the most memorable spaces.

Large slabs: design solutions for every space

Large slabs are a very popular design solution for decorating a house’s walls.
These products not only offer a continuous, seamless surface which enhances the aesthetics of the space, but are also extremely versatile and functional.

FAP MAXXI 120 x 278 cm offers a perfect example of this exceptional versatility.

Onyx, resin and corten effect porcelain stoneware slabs in jumbo format are ideal for creating strongly characteristic and personalised spaces. Or else furniture elements with an almost sculptural beauty, like this kitchen island entirely clad in Oxide Blue Rust, with a backdrop consisting of a magnificent forest, also created with Wood Fog YLICO slabs.

An extremely evocative way to decorate a home’s walls.

FAP EXXTRA 80 x 160 cm slabs, for example, can be used on walls, floors and even worktops, creating an extraordinary visual effect.

By choosing marble or rust/oxide effect wall tiles, it is possible to add a touch of refinement and luxury to any room or create suggestive textural mash-ups, such as those created by combining the rough surface of Oxide Blue Rust COLOR > MOOD and the glossy Blue Navy GLIM metro tiles, in the photo!

The importance of details: add character to a room

Details make the difference when it comes to decorating a house.
Elements such as wall tiles, lamps, rugs and accessories can transform a drab environment into a space full of character.

Decorative tiles, in particular, offer infinite customisation possibilities: from geometric designs to floral motifs, each choice can recount a story and create a unique atmosphere.

This can help you create unique furnishings and interior design, such as this table decorated with Tropical Green YLICO, while a well-positioned lamp can emphasise the glossy details of the botanical decoration of the porcelain and the strong points of the room, creating evocative interplays of light.

Personalising rooms: some practical tips

Decorating a home is a creative adventure which allows us to express our personality and transform spaces into welcoming and functional environments. Breaking the traditional rules of interior design, as Nate Berkus suggests, can lead to surprising and gratifying results.

Experiment with colours, choose large slabs for a spectacular effect, take care of the details, and personalise every corner of your house – but above all, adapt the spaces to your needs and requirements.
Your house should reflect your lifestyle: if you love to read, create a welcoming reading nook; if you like to cook, invest in a well-equipped kitchen.

By following these tips, and above all your interior rules, you will manage to create a unique environment which will make you really feel at home.