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Italian Ceramics

Italian ceramics are a must-have worldwide:
safe, sustainable, recyclable, original in shape, resistant, and with a beauty that lasts and lasts…

Italian ceramics is the pride of interior design worldwide. Our enviable artistic heritage, our long-standing craftsmanship tradition, the endless inspirations of the landscape all contribute to forming the background of a successful industry, an ancient art that has gained fresh lifeblood thanks to the vocation for architecture, art and design and the eclectic spirit of the Italians.

Fap is proud to represent a piece of the history of Italian ceramics. Established in the legendary 1960s, it has absorbed the revolutionary, hedonistic, pop spirit of the decade, and has preserved that magnificent drive in the direction of expressive freedom.

However, the intrinsic qualities of Italian ceramics go further than the beauty the world admires us for, and also include resistance, performance, sustainability, hygiene and safety. Tiles for indoors that do not alter or dilate, are shock, scratch and fire resistant, and do not give off fumes, because they are fireproof and non-toxic.


Sustainable, because they are made with 20% recycled material, and fully recyclable, because they contain no plastic; stable and healthy, because they are not conducive to the spread of fungi and bacteria and are easy to clean.

To these, Fap adds its artistic and craftsmanship touch, an impassioned research process that allows us to offer flooring, wall tiles, 3D covering materials and unique decorations, thanks to experimentation with techniques and materials new for ceramics.

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