FAP 3D Wall

FAP 3D Wall

An eclectic interior design tale: the 3D wall

An eclectic interior design tale: the 3D wall

Among recent interior design trends, the 3D wall has gained ground thanks to its confident ability to map out new visual perceptions and turn living spaces into something unique, evocative and with a personal touch.

3D walls are perfect for the most eclectic of interior design stories, embodying a new philosophy of design as a means to improve not only settings, but also our quality of life, by offering different compositions and ideas every time. 3D tiles offer a creative solution for designing living spaces, making the most of their material dynamism and the movements and light effects that multiply in contact with the sources of light.

FAP explores the third dimension of ceramics, through a variety of different forms of expression, from contemporary looks to more traditional, prestigious styles, bringing a fresh, modern edge to them: strikingly tactile surfaces that share the same study of colour, incidence of the light, textures and sizes, which are increasingly flexible.

Elegant, romantic, unique

Lumina Stone is an elegant, unique, romantic 3D Wall solution.


The collection comprises sophisticated, material stoneware 3D tiles, 3D decorations for walls, ranging from the geometric volumes of Stone, Peak and Rock to the botanical patterns of Flower. What they have in common is a splendidly graceful material allure, an aesthetic effect reminiscent of craftsmanship skill and the art of engraving.

The surfaces appear porous, sculpted, as if decorated by hand, in delicate, natural colours. When installed from the floor to the ceiling, they appear warm, alluring and engaging.

This decidedly no-frills, contemporary collection is inviting to the touch and pays close attention to every detail, thanks to the Mosaici Anticati, Brick Mosaici and coordinated edge and listel tiles in the collection that guarantee a perfect finish for the 3D wall.

Contemporary, sparkling, dynamic

Mat&More is a playful triumph of the contemporary spirit, a collection that brings together the vibrant pop soul of Deco and the glam rigour of Domino, monochrome matt base tiles with a soft touch and the more audacious glossy&matt surfaces, ideal for creating appealing material and colour mixes.

Light is the undisputed key feature of these white-body three-dimensional tiles, along with a design that focuses on mixing and matching finishes. The glossy effects on the matt base tiles create a pleasant vibration, points of light, relief volumes and geometries that bring a strikingly dynamic touch to walls.
Coordinated perfectly with the series of mosaics, special trims and decor elements, including a splendid blue and brown Metal Insert, allowing you to create frames, bright corridors and striking backdrops.


Glamourous, full-bodied, colourful

3D Walls with a rich, material allure, dedicated to those seeking to bring a personal touch to living spaces by skilfully using volume and colour.  

Craftsmanship and contemporary style come together in Milano&Wall, a series of three-dimensional bathroom tiles with a distinctive, absolutely contemporary colour range (Beige, Bianco, Blu, Moka, Salvia and Tortora) and sophisticated, material textures that bring a pleasantly soft feel to the white body tiles, while adding depth and dynamism to the walls. The collection is completed with special trims, mosaics and inserts, including the ultra-tactile Round Mosaico and the spectacularly original Metal Inserto Rete.

The right-on-trend colour range of the Color Now collection of 3D tiles features intense, glam shades (Avio, Beige, Curcuma, Ghiaccio, Fango, Marsala, Perla and Tortora) that spring to life in contact with the light, offering an irresistible tactile and visual experience. In addition to mosaics and special trims, the collection also comprises a beautifully elegant, one-of-a-kind relief Damasco element.


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