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Hello Summer

What to do before you go, to come back to a perfect home with gleaming tiles!

1. Switch off!

When you set off on holiday, it’s finally time to “switch off”, to rest and recharge your batteries. We advise you to take “switch off” literally, and to unplug everything: computer, washing machine, stereo, TV and multi-sockets, because even if you leave them on standby, they’ll keep consuming energy (15% of your yearly bill) and impacting the environment. While you’re at it, switch off the WiFi too. 

2. A breath of fresh air!

Give your electrical appliances a holiday too! Take the chance to clean the fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, leaving them open so air can circulate and get rid of any humidity.

3. Taps off!

Turn off all the taps and the like – water, gas, toilet flush valve – and switch off the boiler to avoid unpleasant surprises on your return – or even worse, while you’re on holiday!

4. Let it shine!

To come back to a perfectly clean, fragrant bathroom and gleaming tiles, spray a sanitizing product on the whole bathroom suite, put the plug in the washbasin, bidet and bathtub, spray the tiles with anti-limescale cleaner and polish quickly with a cloth.

And all you have to do now is lock the door, set the alarm, and off you go!

Fap wishes you a great holiday!