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Ceramics: a mindful choice

All the virtues of ceramics: natural, elegant, recyclable and ecological.
Versatile and long-lasting, suited to any context and every type of surroundings.

Ceramics (noun), from the Greek κεραμική, the art and technique of ceramics, in ancient Greek κέραμος: clay, earth, inorganic non-metallic material, which, depending on the raw material and the processing method, takes the name of pottery, clay, brick, majolica and porcelain stoneware.

Ceramics have a very long history. One of beauty and necessity, revealed by archaeological findings in every part of the world since prehistory. The success of ceramics, always linked to human daily life, lies in its simple and natural origin, earth, and in the malleability of the material that makes it possible to create infinite shapes, shades, effects and reliefs.

Ceramics are natural, they come from the earth, and are safe for people’s health: they do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde or plastic substances, they therefore do not release dangerous organic substances into the environment.

Ceramics are ecological, produced in respect of the environment and people in every phase of their life-cycle, from extraction of the raw material to the production process, as far as disposal, according to the highest qualitative standards provided for by European Community Certifications.

Ceramics are hygienic. People have always used them for eating and drinking, because they are special materials: they don’t absorb or release substances, they don’t stain and are easy to clean; they resist even the most aggressive detergents, keeping their beauty intact.

Ceramics are beautiful and very resistant: they withstand the ravages of time, atmospheric agents and sudden rises and falls in temperature, heavy treading and knocks. They don’t lose shape, they don’t scratch, stain or lose colour, even if exposed to sunlight.

Ceramics don’t burn: they are in class A1 for fire resistance.
They don’t catch fire even in contact with free flames and, in the event of fire, do not produce gases or toxic fumes.

Ceramics are versatile. Design, sizes and surfaces make them perfect for any solution: wall coverings and floorings of every type of surroundings and context, niches, cornices and panelling, tables and counter tops.

Ceramics are ideal in architecture. Mechanical and chemical resistance and resistance to frost make them perfect also in outdoor contexts and for covering facades. Ceramics are also excellent thermal conductors, perfect for underfloor heating.

FAP Ceramics are environmentally sustainable, safe, and innovative in their design.
They are produced with excellent raw materials and technologies that respect the environment. More than 30 collections conceived for being perfectly combinable, to express your creativity and assert your personality, creating ideal living spaces.

All the virtues of FAP!