Furnishing with style: tips for beginners

Furnishing with style: tips for beginners

How to furnish and finish a new house in accordance with the latest interior design trends

Design is about making people happy. Either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally.
Robin Siegerman

A multi award-winning author and interior designer, Siegerman teaches us that home furnishings and finish are intimately connected to joy: they satisfy the aesthetic and sensory sphere, and can make life more comfortable! 
At FAP we fully embrace this belief, as we have always been fully aware of the importance of design in making homes comfortable and welcoming, instilling feelings of well-being and putting people at ease.

How to Furnish and Finish a New House

The interior design and furnishing of a new house might seem an arduous task to those without experience.
Nevertheless, with the right tips and a little inspiration, it is possible to transform every environment into a functional, aesthetic and emotional space.

In this article, we will explore different styles and the most popular interior design trends of 2024, with practical tips on how to furnish and finish your house. 
From the choice of tiles to decoration, we will guide you step by step in making your house a welcoming and trendy place.

Practical Tips for Beginners

  • Plan the space: measure up the rooms and create room plans.
  • Choose the colours: select dominant shades to create the desired atmosphere in every room.
  • Lighting: maximise natural light and combine it with artificial lighting to make the most of the spaces.
  • Tiles and floors: choose wall tiles and flooring which are suited to the mood of the house, favouring smart slabs, large formats and decorative tiles.
  • Furniture: choose aesthetically beautiful and functional furniture, with clean lines and eco-design.
  • Accessories and decorations: add elements which represent you and which lend character to your house.

Most Popular Furnishing Styles of 2024

Trends are useful for finding inspiration.
But nothing prohibits you from subverting the rules of these trends so that your spaces resemble you and resonate with you – in short, personalise!

Warm Minimalism

Warm minimalism is one of the main trends of 2024. This style combines the elegance of minimalism with warm and welcoming elements, creating sober environments which are comfortable at the same time.
Warm and neutral colours, such as beige, warm grey and earthy shades underlie this trend, which creates welcoming and relaxing atmospheres.
Favoured materials include natural ones such as wood, linen and wool for textiles, the key to a comfortable minimalism which adds texture, sensory appeal and depth to the spaces.

Biophilic Design

A timeless trend, biophilic design places people in connection with nature, creating spaces which improve psycho-physical well-being. Lots of green and houseplants are the number one ingredient.
Not only do they improve the air quality, but also add a touch of freshness and vitality to indoor environments.

Where it is not possible to furnish in green, ceramics can provide internal landscapes and secret gardens.

Decorative wall tiles with naturalistic and botanical themes are perfect in this regard: they amplify and bring life to the space with different themes, styles, colours and effects!

Modern Eclecticism

Modern eclecticism is a trend which combines elements of different styles and epochs, creating unique and personal spaces.
An aesthetic which encourages mixing and matching!

Whether you are designing a vintage living room or an industrial style study, don’t hesitate to mix different styles of furnishings.
The important thing is to find the right balance which reflects your personality and tastes.

Objets d’art and decorative elements are strongly recommended to create an eclectic look. Choose unique pieces which tell a story and add a touch of originality!

Choosing Tiles with a Balance of Function and Aesthetics

Floor and wall tiles are able to provide the house with a precise style, meaning they need to find harmony with the initial stylistic and colour choices.

The format, colour and installation choices contribute to expanding the sense of brightness and spaciousness of a room, including through the optical effects which can be created with the tiles.

Functionality is guaranteed by the material itself: ceramic and porcelain are, indeed, particularly tough, high performance and easy to clean, ensuring the house is always neat and tidy.

FAP EXXTRA 80X160 Slabs

FAP EXXTRA 80X160 slabs are extremely practical and versatile.

As well as being on-trend, they offer numerous benefits, starting with their ease of laying.

Their size also reduces installation time and cost.

FAP MAXXI 120x278

FAP MAXXI 120x278 cm extra-large format slabs guarantee a continuous visual effect.

The reduced number of grout joints brings out the aesthetics of the chosen effects and textures.

Seamless beauty for modern and minimalistic spaces.

Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles are also particularly on-trend and offer great visual impact – they are an excellent solution for decorating a home’s walls, creating focal points and lending character to environments.

FAP’s Decor Box offers a huge range of designs, patterns, textures and particular effects in order to customise every wall to meet your own tastes.

Also perfect for creating connections with indoor nature, able to provide feelings of happiness and well-being, and to create welcoming and relaxing environments.

Last But Not Least!

In conclusion, decorating and furnishing a home is an exciting adventure which requires creativity and attention to detail. By following the most popular furnishing and interior design styles of 2024 and our practical tips, you will be able to create a space which not only satisfies your functional requirements, but which provides gratification at an aesthetic and emotional level.

Whether you are choosing tiles, planning out the space or selecting the furniture, remember that it is important to create an environment which reflects your personality and tastes.

Happy furnishing!