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Matter, People, Passion

“Matter returns to matter”.
Our way of being, our way of doing.


Designer tiles come from the observation of matter, experience that thrills us and offers us infinite inspirations. Our aesthetic investigation starts from matter and returns to matter, searching for the most attractive forms for interior design, images and emotions that make FAP tiles stand out from the crowd.

The sophisticated technologies allow any effect found in nature to be reproduced on ceramics. Our challenge is to capture the faintest matter, understand its shades, the most natural and realistic aspects, and create something truly unique and thrilling.

An operation that demands time, and the art of marvel, experienced together every time. The FAP team is a collaboration of many people and professions, architects, design experts, photographers and visionaries, craftsmen and brilliant artists, who we work with in order to exclude all boundaries to our imagination and aesthetic ambitions.

We perform research with a passion, we observe the beauty around us, we look for example at the grand masters, in order to reach our own very special style code. And thus, ceramics leave behind their attributes as an object to become narration: a winning tale, made of Matter, People, Passion.

Inspiration, craftsmanship, a creative journey… are all written in ceramics. Watching carefully, you can see the underlying history and imagination. As the emotions flow unexpectedly from the material textures of designer tiles that are only apparently essential, which hide a hugely rich graphic style and precious details designed to animate the ceramic, dialoguing with light, enhanced by volumes, shades, throwing shadows and chiaroscuro patterns on the 3d Walls, to create and inhabit spaces that are ever new, alive and enchanting.

Find your personal emotion with our designer tiles!