3D tiles for home furnishings

3D tiles for home furnishings

Home living has changed radically, and consequently, so has the layout of living spaces.

Home living has changed radically, and consequently, so has the layout of living spaces.

What hasn’t changed is the need for a welcoming, aesthetically appealing, versatile environment…so why not make it even more special with your very own art gallery created with 3D tiles?

In today’s homes, spaces are fluid: there’s a preference for versatile, multi-functional settings, with uses that overlap and complement one another, so living room/kitchens, more spacious conversation and relaxation areas, where there’s not enough room in the living room for a home office for remote working.  Bedrooms have become more compact, leaving more room for walk-in wardrobes, reading areas or make-up stations. In bathrooms, showers – perhaps larger or double models – are becoming more common than bathtubs, also for sustainability reasons, an aspect attention is also paid to when it comes to materials.

Growing attention is paid to sustainability, the use of natural raw materials and the product supply chain.
So the new key concepts for the home are beautiful and green. Beautiful like the 3D brick tiles, sustainable like ceramics, created with natural and partly recycled elements, free from plastics and completely recyclable.

This new interior design trend is also perfect for the homes of tomorrow, because it’s able to satisfy both the most creative architects and the most rigorous designers, both those seeking a distinctive, luxury home and lovers of simple elegance.

It’s tiles that have the task of decorating, embellishing walls with the graceful appeal of ceramics and the power of artistic craftsmanship and sculpture. Tiles allow us to furnish without furniture, blending substantially different styles, and above all to create authentically personal art galleries.

Fap 3D Wall


Fap takes an original approach to exploring the world of 3D, offering distinctly artistic three-dimensional tiles with geometric, botanical, modern and retro designs, offering different takes on the 3D wall concept and combining perfectly with the floors in the home.

Sheer is a story of softly material patterns and textures that give away the experimentation and research behind the tiles.

Four splendid Dune and Stick porcelain stoneware decorations, ideal for creating smooth walls, backgrounds or striking backdrops with the smallest number of joints possible, and plain-coloured white-body wall tiles and Drap and Rock 3D structure tiles in the 25x75 size.

The entire collection, complemented with mosaics and special trims, also features the intriguing Deco Rust element, a rust-effect tile with a raw chic style.


Lumina Sand Art is a mix of natural style and expressive allure.

Inspired by drawings traced in the sand, and with the same light, airy beauty, yet able to bring a unique, distinctive touch to ceramic surfaces.

The marvellously original Touch, formed by a host of overlapping patterns, the linear, geometric Stripes, and Blossom, a floral tribute to walls. The brand-new 50x120 size is available in a White Gloss version and a White Extra Matt finish.

Bloom is a 3D wall inspired by a variety of art forms: graffiti and engraving with Bloom Print, and the art of origami with Bloom Star.

A brand-new way to decorate walls, with ultra-tactile, material, three-dimensional tiles, and to bring visual continuity to spaces thanks to the 80x160 size, which can reach up to a 240 cm standard-height ceiling with just three slabs.