Welcome to Colorland!
A journey through the world of colours

Mix & match with a promise of colour, nature and textures. Tactile ceramic surfaces with sophisticated textured effects bursting with colourful energy. Colour brings the material to life, enhancing its expressive power, exploring many sensory dimensions: five universes identify five stories, one for each new collection.

Glazed bricks
for endless uses

Many nuances and splashes of colour to configure your layout in an infinity of ways, surround yourself in beauty and decorate the walls. (Aesthetically beautiful. Technically performing.)

Contemporary jewels
for your contemporary spaces

Gem timeless, high-quality floor and wall tiles that originally reproduce onyx in size, finish and colour, brightening and amplifying spaces.

Your mood becomes your space
Your space boosts your mood

A world of colour from five continents, create your own personal journey and fill your spaces with vivid emotions. Harmonies of material and colour, united by the elegance of the palette, the originality of the decoration, for a design offering moments of intense pleasure.

Eternal matter, timeless emotions

An Italian-made tailored ceramics project inspired by nature, of which it captures the essence, authenticity and energy to offer well-being, beauty and sensory pleasure.

Touch the positive chords of every one of us,
igniting the desire to change, innovate and renew

A dream-like journey into colour, creating spaces that charm and engage. Dream-like natural landscapes become the best tool for designing an intimate, powerful and regenerating space. The space becomes an oasis where we escape to from everyday life, letting our minds and imagination run towards unusually beautiful destinations, in contact with the truest and most profound essence of nature.

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