Your mood becomes your space
Your space boots your mood

Worlds of color from the five continents to shape your own personal journey and bring vivid emotions to enrich your living spaces. Find your inspiration!


A rich repertoire of wall coverings with a biophilic design shapes attractive, regenerating living spaces in which colors and textures bring you in contact with all the shades of nature.

Surrounded by green

A mix of materials, décor elements and reflections blends smoothly in fresh, heavenly shades of green, perfectly contained within the designer mirrors and washbasin by FAP.

Lush & Shiny

The transfiguration of a dream-like forest embellished by a shade of glowing leaves, beaded with little drops of shimmering light. An escape for the mind to your happy place.


Intensity, serenity and freshness…in Nordic style. An invitation to explore faraway places, getting lost to rejoin within the intimacy of your own soul.

Deep inside I'm blue!

Graceful, sophisticated colours and contemporary material combinations reveal subtle variations in tone, offering a comfortable shift away from perfection.

My own secret garden

An eclectic, engaging urban living room decorated with a cascade of leaves that glisten as if bathed in the morning dew thanks to a pattern of glittering grits that shape an airy, dynamic, spacious ambience.

Pink Mood
Sweet gracefulness

Soft, glamorous, materic shades offer the perfect complement to other nuances, materials and décor elements bringing a warm, cosy, sensual touch to living spaces.

Give in to pleasure

Material and color harmony blended by the elegance of the palette and the originality of the décor, for a design that brings moments of intense pleasure.


A warm, inviting mood for cosy and comfortable interiors; your own personal oasis to return to and bask in refined elegance.


The perfect combination for a silent, contemplative, rigorous and elegant design shaping iconic, minimal, ultra-contemporary living spaces.


Raw, chic and relaxing: a splendid combination of materials, shades of grey, glass and mirrors. That is the way to turn a bathroom into a little design icon.