Decorating with ceramics furnishing with colour

A dynamic collection that brings colour to indoor spaces with its unique, shimmering glazes. From public spaces to the home, walls light up with resplendent colours offering dramatic combinations that brilliantly illuminate interior design with style.  


Light, sophisticated, sparkling. GLIM bricks bring light and colour to interior design. A feast for the eyes that echoes into the soul.


A selection of vibrant floor coverings that experiment with colour, responding to a desire to bring joy to contemporary living.

Glim recipe

GLIM brick tiles have an authentic feel of the future. We’ve sought to preserve the craftsmanship nature of each piece, in which each “perfectly imperfect” detail reflects the character of the product, teaming contemporary appeal with tradition. Glim Gemme: fragments of colour for interiors con brio. With a nostalgic, vintage style, yet modern and trend-inspired.

Beauty and performance

Tiles are exalted from a technical, functional element to become the pretext for surrounding ourselves with beauty, decorating walls that demand maximum hygiene and performance. Aesthetically beautiful. Technically performing.

Blu navy
Between earth & sky

Elegant, austere, saturated with a colour reminiscent of the sea, bringing peace and tranquillity.

Interior Landscape

Classic and modern at the same time, it adds a touch of sophistication and great personality to interiors.


Soft, bright, creamy, it brings shine and pleasant sensations.

Colorful & joyful design

Ultra-modern, vibrant, rich in hues, it inspires meditation, calm and serenity.


Pure, elegant and pearly, it evokes a soft and reassuring tactile feeling.


Unexpected, solid shades relay a sensation of purity and formal minimalism.

Grigio fumo

A rich and sophisticated shading, that gives a feeling of profound balance.


Captivating and eclectic, enriched by delicate graphic movements and mineral spots, it refreshes and relaxes the senses.

Twisting wall tiles

Fresh, glamour, earthy and rich in veining, it renews walls with balance and style.

Rosso cuore
The heart of the house

Beating, streaked and intense, it dresses walls with vital energy and sensuality.