Eternal matters timeless emotions

An Italian ceramic tailoring project that draws inspiration from nature, encapsulating its essence, authenticity and vitality to offer a feel of wellbeing, sensory indulgence and aesthetic pleasure.


Where nature and design unite as one

Nobu is pure material
that brings harmony to interiors

Tactile, slightly wavy surfaces, teamed with a range of colours with a modern appeal and surprising depth. 

Your living comfort

Fabrics, marble, wood, decors. Nobu spontaneously blends various aesthetic and textural effects, enhancing their unique beauty and producing a harmonious, multi- style design that is suitable for any environment.

Elegance & armony

A surface rich in natural elements details, enhanced by the large 120x120cm size and Matt R9 finish. Easy to clean, resistant and high-performing, it adds everlasting beauty to interiors.

Daily beauty

The playful herringbone bricks pattern adds height to the walls, creates movement and makes the kitchen more practical, ensuring maximum hygiene and easy maintenance. For those who love to play with graphic patterns, the Mosaico Rombi is the ideal alternative, without any compromise on technical performances.

Gres Boiserie
A new beauty module

A rhythmic, regular, monochrome game of protrusions and recesses defines a new way of understanding porcelain stoneware panelling.

Nature’s touch in the bath

The warm, contemporary allure of Grey meets the three-dimensional texture of Fossil, uncovering all its decorative power. The backlit mirror applied to the Silver Fossil insert further enhances the shiny accents that complete the setting.

One breath

Nobu is the matter that brings harmony to interiors. Its natural surfaces, depth of range and contemporary colours make it a perfect choice for a variety of different stiles.

Like stone

Like a white carved stone, Nobu White covers floors celebrating the encounter of nature and light.


The rarefied atmosphere of Ylico Wood Fog blends with the Nobu White 60x120cm surfaces harmoniously covering the floors and bed head, with the corner finished to perfection.

One color
Many sizes

Nobu 60x120cm covers the walls and shelves, perfectly joined in the corners. The 6x24cm brick adds height to the walls. Mosaico Curve embellishes the illuminated niche. For those who love sinuous forms but prefer a clear, strong rhythm, the perfectly rounded tessera of Macromosaico Round is the ideal alternative for a more attractive space.

Nature in light

A ceramic herbarium highlights the natural beauty of Nobu Litia: engraved and resistant, yet with a subtle elegance. Little drops of light come to rest on the corollas of the Litia Gold insert, enhancing the niche.


The natural essence of Nobu combines with the grains of wood, fabrics, the precious textures of marbles and decors, offering inspiration for infinite combinations of high design.

Metropolitan oasis

Informal elegance and comforting beauty. An essential element for metropolitan interiors that provides a sense of relaxation and lightness to modern living.

Authenticity & purity

Nobu enhances everything it comes in contact with, adding and imbuing matter with elegance and truthfulness. This ceramic project is designed to engage all senses and can be seamlessly integrated with other materials and textures allowing for endless combinations.

Love at first sight

The colour of the earth, of our origins and our very essence. Confident, incisive, brimming with character and ready to enhance the natural materials it’s combined with.

Earthy Warmth

The horizontal pattern of Row Beige runs along the background, inviting the observer to reach out and touch it. When applied to the surface of Nobu Slate, the backlit mirror brings a vibrant allure to the streaks on the surface, for a texture there is ample spacef or in the shower area.