Green design outdoors

Green design outdoors

Gardens and terraces: how to embellish them with plants

Gardens and terraces: how to embellish them with plants

The recent lockdowns and remote working have significantly altered the way we experience living spaces, reinforcing our need for nature and everything that can boost our quality of life. This has led to a multitude of new ideas to furnish gardens and terraces, paying increasing attention to sustainable solutions.

At the same time, we have witnessed the emergence of a new aesthetic, a green design approach that contemplates a wilder, more spontaneous nature, also proposed by the most active European landscape designers. Among the finest examples, and one of the first to take on board this trend is the famous Noma in Copenhagen, designed by BIG.

The already blurred line between indoors and outdoors has now been abolished for good.

Outdoor areas are increasingly experienced as an extension not only of the home, but also of companies and public places.

We’re witnessing the first outdoor home offices, and a splendid symphony of furnished terraces and outdoor living spaces, which have begun featuring wild flowers and plants, herbs, edible plants and perennials.


Here’s how to furnish a terrace according to this new mood.
On city terraces, in gardens, wherever there’s a space in the open area or illuminated by natural light, post-lockdown green design offers wild gardens that are actually carefully crafted, with particularly close attention paid to the arrangement of the plants, so they can nourish and nurture each other, thus reducing the need for water or chemicals.

Green is the new measure used for embellishing and organising space.
Open-air furnishings do nothing to disturb this calm, country atmosphere, if created to skilfully complement the natural elements.

Garden furnishing trends offer plenty of scope for creativity with a retro or high-tech twist, from modern antique looks to recycling and re-design, as well as more modern, lightweight or self-supporting tubular structures in materials able to withstand all weathers, such as aluminium, alu-rattan, teak and artificial fibres, often reminiscent of wicker furnishings made from natural materials. A must for furnished terraces and outdoor living spaces are chaises longues, sun chairs, daybeds or hammocks.
These comfortable furnishing elements are designed to spoil us, and blend effortlessly into the greenery.


Furnishing with plants also requires discreet, appealing lighting, with sources of light integrated into the setting or concealed among the plants to leave nature in the spotlight day and night.

The “less is more” concept is back

Just a few subtle lights to help you move around safely, add depth or light up your favourite elements or corners, to please both the eye and the soul!

Providing comfort, pleasure and natural beauty is also the preserve of Summer and Lumina Sand Art, ideal collections to adapt and adjust to the personality of the Occupants and their tousled garden.

Multi-sensory floors and surfaces that combine beauty with the functional qualities of an ancient yet high-tech material, practical to install and able to guarantee excellent performance.

Lumina Sand Art offers original, glossy wall tiles to illuminate living spaces furnished with green elements, as well as matt tiles that enhance the material power of a collection inspired by patterns in the sand and floral elements.


Summer helps to shape the very landscape , with its explicit references to the architectures and nature of the Mediterranean: wall tiles and porcelain stoneware with striking volumes, yet soft to the touch and easy on the eye, with a warm appeal even in the grey and blue shades, because they are poetically inspired by the colours of the landscape, of traditional crafts and Italian villages.

This collection mirrors the furnishings of the gardens and terraces, blending seamlessly with the natural elements and recalling them in its colours, textures and materials, offering a flawless interpretation of the surroundings and an innovative, sustainable, regenerating new lifestyle.