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Home office outdoors

Home office furnishings: an increasingly popular trending topic.

Working from home is rather a mixed blessing, but as summer approaches, it can become a decidedly pleasant experience, especially once the right furnishing project is complete.

For many of us, setting up a home office has been essential, and it’s often been a complex task, in situations or architectural settings that haven’t always been accommodating. But now that summer is on its way, creating a home office can offer real satisfaction; because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that quality really makes the difference.
Quality in terms of air, space, style, project and materials, for quality time and a boost to the quality of life.

Remote working has turned our private living spaces into home offices, which we now have the chance to turn into a more pleasant environment, by finally stepping outside those four walls!
Balconies, terraces, verandas and outdoor areas can be equipped with workstations, comfortable outdoor solutions with light, resistant furnishings, conceived for hybrid situations. All you need is an outdoor area that can be furnished and an excellent WiFi connection to allow you to work safely, efficiently and with few distractions.

However much room you have, it makes sense to take all those measures that guarantee a comfortable, practical workspace: the right distance between the chair and the desk, computer and work tools facing the right way depending on the sun.
Thanks to developments in the sector, remote working can now count on all sorts of elements that add comfort to the workstation, which can be compact yet complete with all the essentials: freestanding furnishings with built-in terminals, designer support surfaces and chairs that offer the right support.

If you have the opportunity to design a space for the purpose in your flat, summer residence or house in the country, you can start creating the ideal home office by choosing the right covering materials to guarantee a practical solution that teams quality with comfort and style.

Porcelain stoneware on the floor to ensure resistance, wall tiles or 3D walls to create impressively stylish looks.
Stoneware is a technological, sustainable, versatile material that can also be used to furnish a garden office, or for the flooring of terraces and outdoor areas, while maintaining the beautiful, natural look of wooden even outdoors.


The Summer floor tiles, for example, come in a relaxing, glamorous range of colours, with a distinctly original look for floors, revealing imperfections and mineral elements that glisten in the light. The pleasantly bright effect created offers a little consolation for those who don’t have an outdoor workspace at their disposal.

Ceramic tiles have the task of putting the final touch to the beauty and quality of our home office.

The ideal wall covering for an innovative, technological office meeting space is undoubtedly Rust Sheer, a large-size (80x160) slab with a raw, imperfect beauty created by the rust effect, ideal for creating a superb background for web meetings. The Sheer collection also offers a series of 3D surfaces with soft, light colours that give offices a subtle elegance and striking personality.

If your home office is exposed to external noise, or if the area is particularly large, a useful – and attractive – finishing touch might be added with screens, pergolas or roofing structures to boost isolation and concentration.