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Striking, decorative tiles

A new take on Decorativism joins the latest décor trends!


Decorative tiles  that bring a fresh, bright, colourful touch to interiors, with a return to the arty trend at its finest, with its extravagant beauty evident in both fashion and design.

This artistic, creative, decidedly eclectic expression is a triumph of eccentric  shapes, with neutral shades teaming beautifully with more striking tones.  Decorative tiles, with their sparkling material appeal, bring joy to architects, interior designers and design lovers, aware that harmony can be found in a little excess or two.


This trend is perfectly in keeping with a new approach to living spaces, with a desire to innovate and surround ourselves with nature, colour and light.

So ceramics also take on a new look, with increasingly sophisticated textures and more intense colours. The ceramic material brings light on board, textures take on a new allure, and patterns overlap to create transparencies, volume and extraordinary depth.  


The result?

Impressive creative possibilities that adapt effortlessly to any setting or environment, from professional studios and boutiques to bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as decorative kitchen tiles.

And when this decorative trend moves onto larger-size tiles, the effect is even more surprising!

Walls take on a key role in the setting, bringing meaning, character and beauty.

The decorative effects most in vogue are those inspired by nature, with forest, jungle and floral patterns able to breathe pulsating new life into walls, for a bright, airy, spacious sensation.

This is exactly the effect that’s created by Fap Murals, a collection of 80x160 wall tiles that are easy to lay, handle and pierce, making them ideal for creating magnificent, charming indoor landscapes.

Fap Murals decorative tiles boast a striking, material, three-dimensional appeal, carefully studied to boost depth, amplifying and illuminating living spaces thanks to the glossy lacquering effects on matt backgrounds that are the hallmark feature of the collection.


The layering of shapes, graphics and colours and the matt and glossy effects boost depth, giving these decorations a shimmering, profound, dynamic, vibrant appeal.

An extraordinary realistic, almost liquid, atmospheric effect is obtained with the application from above of grits, using an innovative process developed by Fap to bring a dazzlingly bright allure to decorative tiles.

As well as nature-inspired themes, Fap Murals also explores the geometric dimension: from the colour-block Fap Murals Texture Macro, with its sharply defined, rigorous, ultra-modern Seventies-style shapes, to the intense allure of  Fap Murals Texture Kilim, which offers a modern ceramic take on Persian rugs, with metal patinas enhancing the textile effect.