Small kitchen, big design!

Small kitchen, big design!

Small kitchens can also be a source of great satisfaction with regards to interior design.

Small kitchens can also be a source of great satisfaction with regards to interior design.

Like a small apartment, small kitchens can offer great satisfaction with regards to interior design.
Let’s see how to furnish a small kitchen, transforming shortcomings into opportunities to make it a real “gem”!

Small kitchens: essential, practical… beautiful!

However good it is to have a spacious, liveable kitchen which, like a living room, allows you to accommodate people while you’re preparing and conversing around the stove and savouring an aperitif, small kitchens also have their own “raison d'être”.
The limited space, in fact, allows you to have easy access to all that you need – do you remember the great lesson of Mies van der Rohe: “less is more”? - and to manage everything with a few gestures!
We therefore have a compact kitchen which is also essential and convenient, to be embellished with beautiful tops, smart appliances and small design details.

Coverings for the kitchen

We start with coverings for the kitchen. Tops and surfaces can be covered with elegance and practicality thanks to ceramics and stoneware: surfaces that resist any type of agent, detergents, fire and wear, are hygienic and easy to clean, beautiful and up-to date. 

In choosing our tastes in coverings, we are already half-way there: we will have style indications for defining the last details, choosing the materials, furnishing objects and kitchen utensils with an accessible design that make the whole environment more attractive.

The choice of kitchen coverings can be based on style, effects and colour, or can be guided by the imagination.

Lovers of nature or an eccentric style can even make pictures or virtual open windows with very few ceramic elements, making use of our Decor Box: a variety of looks with botanical, floral, geometric themes in large or small format for furnishing with ease and lending movement to the walls.

Small kitchens

A modern small kitchen, a grand floor

A mini kitchen also merits a “grand” floor: beautiful, high-performing and safe. We are talking about porcelain stoneware, the ideal material for this type of environment and for bathroom furnishing in general, thanks to its particular qualities.

Stoneware is, in fact, characterised by great resilience and, thanks to sophisticated ceramic technologies, can bring to an environment like a kitchen the beauty of wood flooring, the prestige of a marble-effect floor, or any other colour or material effect that fits in with the coverings chosen for the kitchen. 

Space-saving ideas for the modern small kitchen

Having chosen the coverings of the kitchen and the most suitable stoneware floor, we can then move on to the furnishings and stratagems that allow you to save space. The key words are: verticality and modularity.

Retractable sliding door.

A retractable sliding door opens and closes the space in a fluid way and makes the kitchen seem bigger. Glass or similar surfaces are recommended, to allow for more light to enter. The upper guide of the door can be used to accommodate small hanging plants and kitchen accessories that are only rarely used.

Light colours

Light colours enhance the perception of space and reflect the light better. To increase brightness, it’s possible to choose between coverings with matt and glossy decorations, enriched with shiny lacquers designed to incorporate and reflect the light.
If you don’t want to renounce on colour, the most suitable and fashionable are saturated, oxidated and large-size green, blue and teal, in line with the latest interior design trends.

Small kitchens

Furniture which is compact, multifunctional, pull-out…

There’s a wide choice of compact and multifunctional furniture on the market, conceived for furnishing the modern small kitchen - also with accessible design – including even pull-out bars. To acquire space, modular, pull-out items are preferable, or ones with wheels, as well as rigorously suspended wall units and shelves that hold jars, accessories and cookery books.

Small kitchens

Smart & slim appliances

The choice of appliances is also important. It’s better to opt for a fridge that extends in height or under a top, a compact dishwasher and a built-in hob with 4 burners and a support surface and pull-out shelf underneath, to have surfaces available when you’re not using the burners. Alternatively, a slim induction hob is possible, with a built-in hood in order to have more space for the shelves or for beautiful ceramic pictures.

Openings, windows, nature…

Whenever possible, it’s recommended to create openings in the wall, enlarging the windows or the patio door to the terrace; you can create an overlook on the dining or living area to allow for dialogue between spaces, opening a door, an arch or also even just a hatch window.
Alternatively, it’s possible to exploit the furnishing elements, particularly ceramic ones, to create scenic views of nature, internal landscapes – also along an entire wall – which are relaxing and stimulating.

The solutions for furnishing a small kitchen are as many as there are creative ideas…

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