Small home décor: how to optimise space

Small home décor: how to optimise space

Decorating a small home can be very satisfying.

A décor project for a small home may appear challenging. But with the right strategy and a generous dose of creativity, every inch can be turned into a functional, inviting living space.

In some cases, the surface area can be increased, but extension projects and structural alterations require greater effort, while exploring creative solutions without building work is a simpler, more inexpensive way to deal with space issues. The key is to make the very most of every square metre, turning what at first sight appear limits into design opportunities, with no compromises.

Small home décor: how to solve the main problems

Small homes pose limits, such as a lack of storage and mobility, so it’s important to maximise every inch of space available.

Smart solutions include choosing multifunctional, transformable and space-saving furniture, making the most of vertical walls to create recesses and shelves, and using mirrors to amplify the sensation of space.

Small homes: décor solutions for the various types of rooms

In a small home, each room has the potential to be both functional and stylish.

When it comes to kitchen décor, the right wall tiles  can make the room look bigger and significantly more vibrant.

The use of large wall tiles, monochrome or pale-coloured terrazzo-effect flooring, mosaics and small-size tiles, such as glazed brick tiles, can create the illusion of larger space, by adding light and shine.

Décor solutions for a 40-square-metre one-bedroom apartment require specific planning.

To create a sensation of separate spaces, there are a number of tricks that can be used to divide the apartment up into multifunctional areas: open shelving, rugs to mark off the different areas, low walls to rest a sofa against, preferably tiled with bright, elegant ceramic surfaces that bring an extra-sophisticated look to the décor.

FAP Tips: décor solutions for small homes

Little tricks such as the use of low-profile or custom furnishings, strategic lighting and a light colour scheme can help bring a more inviting, airy look to the living space.

To ensure style and elegance do not lose out to function, it’s important to come up with ideas that combine design with practical solutions, such as designer mirrors with a custom ceramic frame, able to both furnish and enliven the room, making it look larger and brighter.

It is best to avoid central ceiling lamps, which make the space seem smaller, opting instead for layered lighting to create a sensation of depth, together with floor lamps to light up any dark corners.

Light-coloured floor and wall tiles are the ideal choice, and there are various ways to create the perfect colour scheme.

Home décor aficionados will find that large, decorative walls in soft shades are ideal for recreating an indoor garden or natural landscape effect; solutions like these bring an extra space to the home, creating the illusion of a balcony in bloom, or a small view out over the greenery!

Innovative, stylish solutions to transform any living space.