New from FAP at CERSAIE 2022

New from FAP at CERSAIE 2022

Interior design with the accent on light, colour, material and a natural allure

Interior design with the accent on light, colour, material and a natural allure


Signs of a vigorous recovery were evident at Cersaie 2022: 91,296 visitors, up 50% from last year, and 48% of them (44,215) from abroad, who flocked to the fair in search of new products and ideas set to write the next, exciting new chapter in interior design.

Ceramic products continue to increase their international market share, thanks to the intrinsic qualities of this healthy, hygienic, lasting material”, explains Giovanni Savorani, President of Confindustria Ceramica, “and the Italian ceramics industry’s commitment to sustainability has been the fil rouge running right through the event”.

These characteristic attributes of ceramic material are complemented by beauty, impressive performance and natural appeal.

Interior design according to FAP

At the 39th edition of Cersaie in Bologna, FAP welcomed guests with a relaxing background sound, prepping their senses to let the new ideas wash over them and help them feel naturally at home, in a large loft apartment environment furnished with a mix and match style throughout.
A style very much in vogue, perfect for showcasing the immense versatility of the FAP collections, the expressive nature of the material and the endless composition options – audacious, original or exquisitely smooth, as tastes dictate – and the freedom they offer to create unique ceramic furnishing elements such as tables, kitchen islands, vanity tables, walk-in wardrobes and washbasins, as well as large decorative panels. The signature element that runs through the entire collection is the incredible ability ceramic has to bring on board light and to incorporate elements of nature to the extent it transcends the very material. Join us to take a look at what’s new!


…. the incredible ability ceramic has to bring on board light and to incorporate elements of nature to the extent it transcends the very material

Roma Stone marble-effect stoneware

Roma Stone is a rich, contemporary series of coordinated wall tiles and porcelain stoneware floor tiles. Matt surfaces that take their inspiration from marble, weathering steel slabs, original décor elements and large, smart sizes: 80x80, 60x120 and 120x120 stoneware floor tiles and 80x160 wall tiles that bring out the attractive veining effects and details of the surfaces. A marble-effect stoneware that brings a surprisingly fresh, playful twist to glam, bringing bright, artistic botanical décor elements to the natural, stony material and mineral inlay work and glossy lacquering to matt base tiles.
The distinctive material crossover effect of Roma Stone is especially evident in the Tropical Intarsi decoration. What first strikes the observer are the rich colours of the Brown, Beige, Calacatta Delicato and Verde Alpi inlay elements.
A closer look then reveals the material behind the colour: marble, onyx, living stone that brings a truly unique touch to these tiles, embellished by brilliant hints of light.



This truly unexpected multi-material and multi-sensory treatment of marble is both surprising and thrilling, offering endless mix and match options with the décor elements and industrial-look weathering steel slabs that bring a further unconventionally modern twist to the collection. 


A truly unexpected multi-material and multi-sensory treatment of marble is both surprising and thrilling, offering endless mix and match options…

Ylico concrete-effect stoneware

Ylico is a strikingly expressive collection, ideal for lovers of botanical and biophilic design, conceived to respond to our innate desire to surround ourselves with nature, feel part of it all and abandon ourselves to beauty.

Synonymous with sturdiness and weight, a static material like concrete-effect stoneware transcends its very nature, taking on a delicate edge while preserving its raw core.

Ylico is made up of stoneware tiles rich in colour and soft and pleasing to the touch, available in a wide range of sizes and surfaces: 80x80 R10 matt effect and lightly brushed satin finish, 60x120 R9 matt and 120x120 R9 matt; 50x120 matt-effect wall tiles and large 120x278 decorative tiles, offering endless style and composition options.


Flowers, bushes, trees and jungle landscapes all emerge from the concrete with a distinctive appearance made up of overlaid patterns and textures, some subtle, others more striking, in order to create depth. 
The large size enhances the beauty of these surfaces, as well as facilitating installation and helping to bring an attractively personal touch to interiors, such as in the case of this large kitchen island block, covered all over in strikingly original Blu Rust slabs.


Living surrounded by beauty, caught up in a natural embrace and counting on the impressive performance of ceramic material: safe, hygienic, easy, and perfect for bespoke furnishings!

Deco & More decorative ceramic tiles

Deco & More is a collection of 3D decorative wall tiles in two user-friendly sizes – 30.5 x 91.5 RT and 25x75 – ideal for an interior design that looks new every time, embellished with decorative pictorial elements designed to create depth and open windows onto interiors.
Ten 3D décor elements for endless composition and decoration options to bring an expressive look to your interior landscapes: from light, romantic, floral themes to abstract patterns drenched in colour and light, dynamic interplays of solids and voids, shimmering relief effects created by the glossy “glazing” on matt , extra-matt and mirror base tiles that evoke pleasant tactile sensations.
The collection brings together and intertwines all the characteristic elements of FAP creations: style, technical and colour research, craftsmanship and material experimentation, technological innovation and the pursuit of unique beauty!


The music of nature springs to life in smooth colour harmonies and vibrant decoration.

Brilliant solutions can take on different forms.

Last but not least!

Smart slabs that can be cut and shaped are a supremely versatile option for creating interesting solutions, and the bespoke details that are the special trims allow for magnificent finishes.

Explore the surfaces and décor elements of the new collections!