Mosaics and 3D Decorations in the bathroom and kitchen!

Mosaics and 3D Decorations in the bathroom and kitchen!

The latest design trends are characterized by decorations, graphic patterns, colours and 3D textures.

The latest design trends are characterized by decorations, graphic patterns, colours and 3D textures.

Ceramic decorations and 3D surfaces are the fashionable way to cover walls today. It’s the revenge of colour, graphics and creativity after the minimal surfaces that have characterised interiors. Aesthetic impact, uniqueness and personalisation are the new “musts”, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. They are frequently used environments in the home, where we love to feel comfortable and able to express ourselves.

FAP Ceramiche reinterprets decorations and mosaics, modernising appearances in surprising ways. Pat, the innovative collection in white body, launched at Cersaie 2018, is certainly one of the most representative new developments in the evolution of colour and texture in decorations.

Pat offers new expressive forms and infinite application possibilities.
The monochrome elements, in rectified 30.5x91.5 size, are solid, full of nuances, while in the decorations line the texture and colour come to life on the ceramic material.

Pat decorations and mosaics are ideal for creating highly expressive combinations: uniform wall carpets that seem like fabrics, composition effects and colour contrasts, niches and walls in the bathroom or kitchen in the home, but also for giving character to shelves and counters in bars and shops.

Intriguing optical effects with Pat!

Pat Deco is abstract, sequential and physical: it’s an original texture that is unique for character and style, evoking the most expressive ceramic tradition, in Blue and Black.

Pat Pixel – always in 30.5x91.5 size – represents an original blend of craft decoration and digital art, in a highly modern language.

Pat has five different mosaics in 30.5x30.5 size: Classic Mosaic, Slash Mosaico and Triangolo Mosaico, and also the Pat Deco Black and Pat Deco Blue versions.

The range of decorations is completed with chrome and satin 1.5x91.5 strips in Black, Silver and Orange; Pat Jewel Listello 10x30.5 is a veritable jewel that lends a unique feel to an environment, and there are Corners for each graphic and colour element of the collection.

Contemporary appeal with Deco 30x30!

The Milano & Floor Deco 30x30 element also stands out among FAP’s 3D decorations, a collection of resin-effect porcelain stoneware floorings, which is enriched with this 3D wall with a soft effect, in delicate contemporary colours, exploring the range of whites, greys, beige and dove grey.

Milano & Floor Deco 30x30 recalls the tailored quality of fabric, thanks to balanced textures that evoke pleasant tactile sensations. The most intriguing aspect of Deco 30x30 is the versatility of applications, making it possible to create different tactile and visual emotions depending on the installation: crossed, horizontal or vertical.

The Milano & Floor Mosaics are also extremely interesting: the Round Mosaico Matt and the Macromosaico Anticato Matt, highly physical 3D surfaces with an irregular appearance, the perfect collection for the shower cubicle.

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