Modern home decor ideas

Modern home decor ideas

How to furnish a modern home with taste and originality!

How to furnish a modern home with taste and originality!


Furnishing your home is a great adventure that allows you to express yourself and create the ideal environment in which to live, relax and dream…

Once we have identified the style – in this case, modern – we must literally take measurementsto understand if our dreams, or those of our customers, are easy to come true and how to best go about doing this, regardless of the layout or space restrictions.

Our furnishing ideas for the modern home are as simple as they are original, designed to create openness, harmony and space. They leave room for stylistic creativity and solve any critical issues, especially in small flats or “difficult” spaces, which can be given a sense of spaciousness and comfort. How? Thanks to the large, intelligent format.

“Intelligent.” Why?

The FAP formats are easy to work, drill, manipulate and customise: that’s why we call them “intelligent”!

Large-sized tiles can be applied to both walls and floors for a seamless look with minimal gaps to create a harmonious space.

This means there are no limits to beauty and customisation.

Modern home

The intelligent formats can also be used to custom make modern home furnishings such as walk-in wardrobes, consoles, washbasins, cabinets and tables, or kitchen islands like those made with Ylico Blue Rust, very modern and beautiful. An essential, square volume with refined colours brought to life by the movements and imperfections of the rust effect.
Contemporary furniture with minimal lines can coexist harmoniously with antique, vintage or modern pieces in the same setting.

Beauty that solves

Intelligent large-sized porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles make it possible to furnish a modern home in a versatile and personalised manner: the large floor slabs are perfect for creating visual continuity and spatial depth, as well as embellishing interiors from the ground up.
Wall tiles have the task of streamlining the walls, making everything look more open, taller and brighter. 

Modern home

All this emphasises the beauty of the shapes, effects and patterns, from the richest and most decorative tiles – floral, botanical or hyper-naturalistic – to more minimalist or geometric patterns, enriched by sophisticated colours, perfect and unusual combinations, with a touch of lustre that has always distinguished FAP ceramics!

There are no limits to the decorative possibilities!

Modern home

Possibilities that today are renewed with the collection of Wall Tiles designed to create infinite interior landscapes with the perfect balance between opacity and translucence, precious and delicate textures. It could only be called DECO & MORE.

There are no limits to furnishing a modern home.


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