Large design tiles

Large design tiles

Large tiles are an intelligent, charming and smart solution: they furnish, decorate and create atmospheres easily.

Large tiles are an intelligent, charming and smart solution: they furnish, decorate and create atmospheres easily.

Three decorated large design tiles are all we need to create a backdrop, a scenographic wall, or the ideal surrounding for our favourite part of a room, shop or hall, adding character to the space with just a few elements.

Today we’re talking about the magic of large design tiles, extensive yet flexible, easy to drill, handle and lay, high-performing and with charming beauty.
Rich in different textures, colours and patterns, to meet the needs of the most demanding design lovers, from those who follow trends closely to anti-conformists who adore unconventional styles. Everything lies in the choice of laying, colours, decoration and combinations, which are practically infinite with the FAP ranges!

FAP Murals wall tiles

The wall tiles in the FAP Murals collection have the prerogative of bringing nature and colour to interiors.

These large tiles are designed to create landscapes, adding depth with weaves and patterns on overlapping layers that amplify the space. Like large pictures in size 80x160, made with iridescent colours and matt and glossy decorations, they brighten walls and open up to imaginary worlds. Flower Soft, Tropic Ibisco, Tropic Kenzia, Flower Corten pay homage to nature, Texture Macro to pure design, Texture Kilim to the ancient art of carpet weaving.

Along with the special finishing pieces, the collection comes with three large decorations in size 160x240: Iper Flower Soft Inserto Mix, Iper Tropical Kenzia Inserto Mix and Iper Flower Corten Inserto Mix, shown here in the photo combined with the wall tile Fap Murals Flower Corten: brightly painted small leaf and petal reliefs that seem crystallised in the rust, made sparkling, in a harmonious contrast with the rough Corten surfaces that frame the wall tiles in the shower, enhancing the beauty of this large decoration.

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XL tiles

More decorations with Deco&More!

Those who prefer small sizes can rely on  Deco&More: the series of ultra-decorative design tiles characterised by textured relief patterns - geometric, floral, jungle, botanic… - made precious by glossy glazes that literally light up the tile.
Reflecting the light, glossy decorations light up the surrounding space. A magnificent effect, interpreted in a range of ten different decorations to choose from, embellishing and customising interiors.

See them all in the Deco&More video!

XL tiles

Large size flooring

Practical, convenient and versatile, we can also rely on large-size porcelain stoneware to add harmony to the space, increasing depth, enhancing the beauty of ceramic decorations while creating a more practical setting that is easier to clean.

Large size flooring matches decorative wall tiles perfectly, acting as a kind of monochrome - though far from banal - extension. FAP porcelain stoneware surfaces are solid, shaded, rich in micro-details, exalted by the large sizes that make them truly special and interesting.

XL tiles
XL tiles

One example is Ylico, the porcelain stoneware collection in sizes 80x80, 60x120 and 120x120, in a palette of elegant and relaxing pastel shades that match the beautiful decorative wall tiles in the ultra-large size 120 x 278.

Forest, jungle, cascades of petals, flowers that seem painted by the light, alongside more abstract and graphic patterns including Ylico Damasc and Ylico Petals, in the photo, highly original large tiles reminiscent of Japanese paper, made precious by shards of light and colour that seem to free themselves from the wall.

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