Interior design with Winter Colour Harmony

Interior design with Winter Colour Harmony

Winter colour combinations for interior design

Winter colour combinations for interior design


Colour is an essential component of interior design.
Like shapes, styles and materials, it helps to express the character of those who inhabit the space and define their mood.
Moreover, colour has the ability to strike an immediate emotional chord, evoking powerful and pleasant sensations, especially when the perfect colour scheme has been chosen.

The colour combinations suggested by the Winter Colour Harmony offer two different approaches to furnishing: a bolder one that plays on contrasts and a softer one that uses tone-on-tone colouring.
But let’s start by defining winter colour harmony.

Winter Colour Harmony

Winter colours are icy and bright with cold undertones.
These bright hues are ideal for creating beautiful contrasting combinations using darker shades of blue, teal, dark grey and black or softer combinations using light shades of blue, white, grey scales and shades of pink. However, nothing prevents you from going bolder with more vibrant colours, such as emerald green and bright red.

The secret behind a harmonious interior design project is to stick to shades that have the same temperature, in this case, cold.
For more imaginative combinations that give a chromatic twist to the whole environment, you can experiment with furnishings, fabrics or cushions to find the perfect colour match before working on floors, walls and furniture.
For those who love blue, we have YLICO Blue Rust, which combines the beauty of a deep relaxing colour with the raw touch of oxidised metal for a fantastic interior design project.

Winter color harmonies
Winter color harmonies

Those who love lighter colours can opt for shades of pink and grey: a delicate, very elegant and modern combination, like this bedroom covered with large FAP MURALS Flower Soft textured surfaces in a matt finish.

Or even Deco & More Flower Blue (cover photo), with glossy relief decorations in different shades of blue contrasting against the cool white background.
These collections, together with Decor Box, offer plenty of inspiration for creating stunning interiors, ranging from floral and botanical themes to geometric and abstract patterns, from cold colours to warmer, more intense hues.

Those who love the icy colour of snow can focus on tone-on-tone combinations, playing with the white surfaces of Deco&More Ramage White, a monochrome and slightly textured background illuminated by a shiny ramage pattern repeated to infinity that adds vibrance to this beautiful surface. It is also suitable for decorating high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.


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Winter color harmonies