Interior design trends 2024

Interior design trends 2024

Introducing the new international home furnishing trends.

Join us to explore the future of interior design, according to the main trends taking shape at international level.

How to furnish a designer home or apartment?

Taking some inspiration from the new developments we saw at Cersaie 2023 and the new interior scenarios that characterise contemporary living. Let’s take a look!

Craftsmanship details

Interior design is increasingly geared towards self-expression and the pursuit of authenticity, function and beauty.

There’s a growing passion for craftsmanship details, for the little imperfections typical of hand-made objects and for looks that convey a sensation of “work in progress”, bringing unique character to home furnishings.

Nature and sustainability

The main trend right now highlights the need to integrate nature into interior design.

Green lifestyles seek to bring a breath of fresh air indoors, through sustainable furnishings, elements of biophilic design and colour schemes inspired by landscapes that create relaxing atmospheres.

Mix and match of styles and influences from all over the world

Taking shape at the same time is a fusion of design elements that are culturally distant from one another, giving rise to an eclectic, cosmopolitan style.

Interiors packed with personality and with a nod towards Maximalism, taking us on a pleasing journey through the world and its colours from the comfort of our own homes.

Smart living

Technology slots seamlessly into these new indoor landscapes, boosting comfort, sustainability and quality of life, thanks to ultra-technological, eco-friendly materials, home automation and management systems based on artificial intelligence that allow us to save money and make our everyday lives smarter!

Flooring and wall tiles with a prismatic beauty in a multitude of shapes

Beauty takes on new, multi-faceted shapes all the time, depending on the colour interpretation of the material.
And ceramics is the material of choice: technological and sustainable, it brings beauty and nature into the home, making living spaces more comfortable, practical and airy.

So let’s get ready for large-size floor tiles, tactile, material stone-effect wall tiles , large jewel-like slabs in onyx-effect stoneware , tiles bursting with colour, sparkling polished and glazed brick tiles, large, reflecting decorative walls inspired by nature and compositions that are frequently unexpected.

Trending colours

The colours trending right now seem to be heading off in search of joy.
They’re intense, bold, vibrant, soft and smooth, able to create relaxing, eye-catching settings that are both packed with energy and perfectly balanced, responding to a need for positivity and well-being in our contemporary living spaces.

Natural and bespoke

Lighting pays a key role in interior design for 2024.
The aim is to maximise natural light by expanding light sources to create a warm, sunny ambience.
Where windows and doors cannot be made larger, bespoke lighting solutions are studied, using a system of pale colours, reflecting surfaces and strategically positioned mirrors to amplify space and brightness.

Original mirrors, with graceful, oversize shapes

From lighting to home decor, bespoke is the key, also for mirrors, to which interior design for 2024 attributes an increasingly important, strategic role in terms of both style and function.

Right on trend are organic, irregular shapes, large sizes and distinctive, designer frames, for a furnishing element that by definition adds depth, light and a hint of glamour to interiors.

Our advice is to choose shapes, surfaces and colours in harmony with the decor of the room you’re seeking to embellish, and to place the mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to maximise the natural light.

The ideal mirror derives from a combination of shape, mood, material, colour and decor elements, and this is the prerogative of Sguardi, a range of mirrors that can be fully customised, in four original shapes, Arco, Oblò, Portale and Quadro, and five colours, Azzurra, Esmeralda, Rosalba, Gaia and Bianca.

The range is part of the FAP+ custom project inspired by nature, designed and created entirely by FAP for bespoke interiors.