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Interior design with Autumn colour harmonies

Interior design tips using autumn colour harmonies


As Ilaria Pizzoferrato teaches us, interior design can be enhanced by choosing the right complementary and contrasting colour schemes inspired by the typical palettes of each season!

Autumn is a triumph of warm shades: orange, copper, bronze, brown, gold and burnt red, characterised according to the colour harmony of warm undertones, dark values and low intensity.

The colour schemes offered by this palette are sand, beige, taupe, moss green, olive green and teal.
Colours that evoke the earth, plants and primordial elements, satisfying our need for nature, warmth and comfort!

The autumn collection par excellence is FAP Murals Flower Corten, featuring 80 x 160 decorative wall tiles with a continuous pattern. They suggest a carpet of autumn leaves and flowers crystallised in rust, as if they were oxidised traces of nature, painted with a rich, nuanced, iridescent palette of autumn colours.

Complementary colour schemes

The most sublime contemporary colour scheme with the FAP Murals décor is Roma Stone Corten, a beautiful 80 x 160 slab in oxidised brown copper. It gives off a warm and elegant vibe, but with a rough ancestral soul that meets contemporary tastes and needs.

Suppose the desire is to illuminate the room. In that case, the perfect match is Roma Stone Calacatta Oro, marble-effect porcelain stoneware floor tiles, rich in veins that reproduce the intense colours of the Corten slab, or the Roma Stone Ramage Beige wall tiles, whose delicate, natural coloured surface comes to life in a cascade of shiny leaves in relief.


Another suggestive colour scheme for interiors is moss green and teal, masterfully interpreted in the Ylico MAXXI Oxide Rust and Oxide Blue Rust wall tiles. These large 50 x 120 slabs with a textured, deliberately imperfect matt finish, rich in movement and mineral residues, can be combined with decorative wall tiles inspired by plants and flowers, or with blocks of colour for different décor styles according to taste: hyper-decorative minimal, raw chic or industrial. 

The colour schemes of the autumn colour harmony go perfectly with Ylico MAXXI Tropical Green, a large 120 x 278 decoration that blends the warm green colour of the ramage with the coppery orange of the strelitzia petals, which emerge from the matt background in bright 3D reliefs, giving an exotic touch to the autumn atmosphere.


Another happy marriage, in a single tile, is that of Deco&More Tropical Corten 25 x 75, a continuous ramage made up of different levels and colour nuances that give depth, until they emerge from the matt surface with glossy, refined and voluptuous chocolate-coloured reliefs. 

Lastly, create a romantic, more pictorial and naïf style with Deco&More Flower Romance. A modern herbarium on a 30.5 x 91.5 ceramic tile with a more delicate and nuanced autumn palette, enhanced by a glaze that gives shine and plasticity to the flower petals to create relaxing and seamless colour harmonies on the wall.