Colour analysis
Decor tips and trends,
by Ilaria Pizzoferrato

Ilaria Pizzoferrato, Image Consulting & Trend Forecasting will be helping us find out more about colour analysis and upcoming trends in interior design! Along with Ilaria, we’ll be discovering the secrets of colour analysis, learning to identify the colour group we belong to and the ideal shades for each person’s wardrobe or home decor, as well as all the best combinations to keep us and our interiors looking bright and beautiful. FAP for Your Style takes a look at the most attractive design trends, offering colour, emotions, surprises and creativity… to make your interior design experience more pleasant than ever! You’ll find decor tips to help you create the style that suits your personality best from the most interesting trends, for inviting living spaces in tune with our character, and engaging walls that create depth and provide a shot of energy. 


Tile Trend #JungleChic

Tile Trend #3D Geometry

Tile Trend #70sGeometric

Tile Trend #TropicalGlam