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How to furnish a kitchen and living room of your dreams

The home is where our “me time” takes place; a place to relax, delve into our passions, nurture our relationships and work.

2020 was the year we rediscovered the home dimension, with all its critical points, flaws and limits, but also with a whole host of possibilities to offer. We’ve closed our eyes and imagined new kitchen furnishings, looked for ideas to give the living room a new look, making room for a little study or private office area. Here are our ideas on how to furnish the kitchen and living room with character and an eye on the main design trends.

Furnished kitchen

The kitchen and the living room are among the areas of the home we spend most time in. 2020 turned them into conference halls, classrooms, gyms, private restaurants and leisure facilities.

This is how kitchen and living room furnishings took on a whole new importance for our lives and our wellbeing, leading us towards a new take on minimalism.

Discreet luxury means furnishings that are both beautiful and above all functional, with the accent on eco-compatible design and quality materials.

From the most natural materials, such as wood, to latest-generation, high-tech, low-impact materials and the choice of sustainable ceramics: safe, hygienic, practical and fully recyclable.

Furnished kitchen

The pursuit of a natural look can take the form of a variety of furnishing ideas for the kitchen and living room.
Those who don’t have the opportunity to create large areas that open out onto the outdoors can always bring the outdoors inside, with little indoor gardens or living walls, or recall nature through the colour scheme or the choice of materials, starting from ceramics with a natural inspiration.

Sheer Moodboard.

The colour scheme of the new domestic landscape is light, neutral and relaxing, with the aim of making a positive impact on the perception of space and on mood.

The most popular shades are those inspired by the earth and the atmosphere, from brown and the various shades of beige through to white and grey tones.

To team the pursuit of the essential with an appealing, stylish look, we can choose modern floor and wall coverings with a strikingly decorative allure, featuring increasingly sophisticated patterns and textures, such as the Sheer collection, which features material surfaces, relief decorations and original 3D motifs: from Camou, in beige and grey, for a cloudy effect, to relief patterns inspired by earth, rock and bamboo, which bring pace to settings by creating pleasant, natural highlights.

Living room with Sheer total look.

80x160 decorative wall tiles and stoneware floors in different sizes, perfect for furnishing a living room with kitchen or to create total looks in blended or multi-functional settings, enhancing style, visual continuity, space and creative freedom.

How to furnish kitchens and living rooms with Sheer!