How to furnish a bathroom

How to furnish a bathroom

How to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom  

How to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom  


Furnishing a bathroom can be fun, but it’s not always easy! The bathroom is one of the most personal, best-loved rooms in the house, but it’s often also the smallest, with the most challenging shape and lacking in light. Fortunately, however, even a small bathroom can make a stylish impact and offer impressive comfort, with the right bathroom furnishing ideas and the appropriate architectural and design approach.

Read on for a few tips on how to furnish a small, rectangular bathroom.

Bathroom furnishing ideas

These days, bathroom furnishings are increasingly similar to those you’d expect to find anywhere else in the home. The world of bathroom fittings has evolved so much that they have nothing to envy actual works of design: technological and compact, with simple yet sophisticated shapes.

The key to furnishing a small, rectangular bathroom is suspension!

Make the most of height to gain space and boost comfort.

So say yes to wall-hung, built-in, space-saving sanitary ware, ideally with a distance of at least 20 cm, and to wall-hung washbasins with built-in storage units – or even better, with open shelves that offer more space for everything you need.

Bathroom furniture with minimalist lines and positioned above the floor also makes cleaning easier!

Furnished Bathroom
Furnished Bathroom

The same goes for heated towel rails, an increasingly elegant solution that can be installed on the wall to save room and hang accessories on.

The best place for the shower is at the back of the room, with a corner shower tray measuring 90×60 cm, 80×80 or 85×70 cm, compact yet comfortable.

An alternative solution is an open shower, either walk-in or with a glass screen (PHOTO), to maintain a light, airy look.
To mark off the shower and maintain the sensation of a separate area, you might like to choose mosaic flooring and embellish the back of the shower with decorative wall tiles.

And if a bathtub is a must for you, you can opt for a smaller, more compact model, with a solution built into the wall.

Tricks to amplify space

Lighting and mirrors are an effective strategy to amplify space.
It’s important not to overdo the intensity of the lighting, which must be smooth and even. An excellent solution is to place the lights high, or incorporate them into the bathroom furnishings.

Mirrors can be fitted with LED strips, to boost both light and the sensation of space, with the help, of course, of carefully chosen, preferably light colours.

Keep it minimal with niches, another excellent way to optimise space for an elegant, compact look.

Bathroom tiles also play an essential role in boosting the sensation of depth. Light-coloured, horizontal tiles, with a polished surface or with glossy details, are incredibly effective at creating a brighter, more spacious impression.

And large-size, decorative wall tiles go further still, seeming to break through the walls and open the bathroom out onto romantic scenarios or natural backdrops, bringing an extra-beautiful allure to the bathroom.

For the floor, the obvious choice for technical reasons is practical, hygienic porcelain stoneware. To add depth, the ideal solutions are large, square tiles or long, horizontal tiles.

Furnished Bathroom
Furnished Bathroom

A final tip? Add a little greenery.

Even a small bathroom offers an opportunity to create a garden effect on the wall, with plants hanging from the ceiling, or using the modern trompe l'oeil effects by Fap, created in different styles and with different colour schemes so you can bring your very own personality to the smallest room in the house. 

We suggest creating a lush, natural look with just a few Fap Murals Tropic Kenzia 80x160 elements, or bringing the light, airy touch of watercolour flowers to ceramic tiles with the even larger size - 160x240 cm – of Fap Murals Iper Tropic Kenzia inserto mix 3 (in the cover photo) or Fap Murals Iper Flower Corten Inserto Mix 3.

How to furnish a bathroom. Renovation is not always an easy task, but with the help of Fap Architects, you can design the bathroom of your dreams, with the shapes, styles, colours and effects of your choice, configuring possible solutions online.


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