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Designer Ceramics Made by Fap

From inspiration to final result: here are FAP’s new bathroom and kitchen tile collections


Ylico designer ceramics

Flowering meadows, forests, secret gardens… allegories of the force of nature and people’s need to reclaim their time and space so they can reconnect with themselves.

This is the inspiration behind YLICO, a collection of designer ceramics with a delicate cement effect, which offers sophisticated aesthetics obtained by layering signs, colours and shades to achieve great depth in a minimal thickness.

The collection consists of monochrome wall tiles, stoneware floor tiles in trendy pastels and bright decorations that literally “bejewel” each individual element with extra glossy textures and patterns on matt backgrounds, transporting us to infinite worlds where nature triumphs. 

The depth of the range, the special pieces and large sizes make it easy to furnish any space and to create total looks. The beauty of the surfaces and decorations are enhanced, as can be seen in this bathroom furnished with custom washbasin, YLICO Taupe & Damasc tiles on the wall, YLICO Sand & Taupe Satin tiles on the floor and YLICO Taupe tiles in the shower.


The YLICO Damasc bathroom tiles perfectly reveal the magic of the luminescent details typical of the collection.
Magic that takes different forms, from the large floral cascades of  Flower Falls to the delicate texture of Japanese papers of YLICO Petals, ensuring harmony between a variety of interior décor tastes and styles.

They are also perfect as kitchen tiles to create customised islands and tables or to transform walls into landscapes that let nature and all its power enter the home, as shown in this kitchen, whose walls are decorated with YLICO Wood Fog, dominated by the large kitchen island covered with YLICO Blue Rust.



Roma Stone designer Tiles

This collection evokes the appeal of a refined classic style that is both functional and technological. Its matt surfaces, corten slabs and large intelligent sizes add a contemporary and modern aesthetic, allowing to create sophisticated and unconventional layouts.

Roma Stone is a collection of marble and stone effect Wall Tiles & Porcelain Stoneware designed to create a contemporary feel, also when combined with corten decorations and slabs.
The beautiful contrast between the Roma Stone Calacatta Oro marble slabs and the industrial-looking Corten slabs adds a touch of warmth and elegance to this living room.


Marble and stone indistinguishable from the real thing. They offer superior performance and are therefore also ideal as bathroom and kitchen tiles.

The essence of natural and stone-like material is enhanced by botanical, plant and floral decorations embellished with glossy lacquering on matt backgrounds, mineral inlays and unprecedented colour combinations. These elements can be appreciated in all their uniqueness in Roma Stone Tropical Intarsi, a wall tile characterised by great chromatic vitality whose colour hides a great material richness.



Deco & More decorative tiles

Deco & More offers an eclectic interpretation of the botanical theme in ten different proposals - from jungle to floral to geometric. They can be combined with all the FAP collections to easily renew and transform environments, creating naturalistic glimpses in interiors with very few elements.

Decorative tiles embellished by 3D reliefs rendered luminescent by a very sophisticated lacquering technique, produced for the first time on an industrial level thanks to a special grit pouring procedure that continuously renews the aesthetics.


Deco & More ranges from romantic and naïf aesthetics, such as those of Flower Romance, to geometric patterns, united by a highly refined and elegant colour palette with glossy accents on the reliefs and designs.

The tile engages in a dialogue with the natural and artificial light sources to offer ever-changing vibrations, like those in this bathroom furnished with Deco & More Texture Seaside tiles. The beautiful shades of blue and grey create an overall energising and relaxing atmosphere. The tiles can be laid vertically or horizontally to create the movement most suited to the environment and desired mood.


Deco & More is also the ideal choice for kitchen tiles as it brings elegance and shimmer to any area, even those that require maximum hygiene, practicality and performance. They can be used for full-height or banded configurations, like those in this kitchen embellished with Deco&More Ramage White: a beautiful glossy texture on a matt background that illuminates with light, easy to sanitise and clean.