Resin and concrete effect, porcelain stoneware and wall tiles

Wall tiles and resin and concrete effect porcelain stoneware floors are a must in contemporary furnishings, capable of conquering interior design lovers for their versatility and expressive power. Imperfect, aged, strikingly material surfaces, ideal for bringing a total look to loft apartments, open-plan settings and commercial areas.   

Performance and safety with porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is known for its exceptional properties: resistance to wear, durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning. These features make it an ideal choice for domestic and commercial environments. The secret to its resistance lies in its dense and compact structure, which offers superior protection against daily stress.

Resin and concrete effect stoneware tiles: designer floors and walls

Within the vast range of finishes available in the world of porcelain stoneware, the resin effect and the concrete effect stand out for their sophisticated and modern appearance. Resin-effect and concrete-effect stoneware floors have become a real trend in interior design.

These finishes combine the clean and industrial aesthetics of resin and concrete with the performance of porcelain stoneware. These effects offer a contemporary look, perfect for those who want an environment with a minimalist style, but with a touch of class.

The resin-effect and concrete-effect stoneware tiles are available in different shades and can be combined with different materials, such as wood or metal, to create fascinating contrasts.

Resin and concrete effect: industrial style and other furnishing trends

The resin effect and the concrete effect have conquered the world of interior design thanks to their intrinsically urban and industrial charm. The "raw" aesthetic of resin and concrete effect stoneware tiles is particularly appreciated in environments that follow the industrial style, where the rough charm of concrete meets metal and wood elements.

However, the resin effect and the concrete effect are not limited only to the industrial style. Thanks to their natural shades and particular textures, they can be easily integrated into various furnishing styles. Whether it is an urban loft, a minimalist apartment or a modern work environment, porcelain stoneware with resin and concrete effects adapts to the environment with elegance, creating unique and refined atmospheres.

The resin effect and the concrete effect are not exclusive to floors. Walls covered with resin and concrete effect stoneware tiles create focal points within an environment and divide spaces with a touch of design. Resin-effect and concrete-effect porcelain stoneware, with its exceptional performance and versatile aesthetics, represents an ideal furnishing choice for those who want to combine functionality and style.

FAP Ceramiche which offers innovative collections, with the possibility of customizing spaces with virtually infinite finishes. Whether you are looking for a robust floor or a trendy wall covering, resin-effect and concrete-effect stoneware is the right answer to your design needs.