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Wood-effect stoneware, at the roots of design

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware: limitless beauty that speaks of roots and nature.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the musts of architecture and design, combining aesthetic and technical qualities in a uniquely elegant, versatile and performing material.
Ceramic wood is synonymous with warmth, charm, practicality and resistance, in any situation and context, also Outdoors.

And talking of roots and nature, Roots is the latest-generation ethical and technological wood-effect stoneware, created by Fap following the evolution of contemporary living and lifestyle, in order to respond to the need for intimate, welcoming and regenerating spaces, where to reconnect with ourselves and with nature, and characterised by charm and sustainability.

This wood-effect stoneware stands out for the meticulous design composed of micro-details: knots, cracks, small furrows, veins… imperfections that restore all the naturalness of wood to stoneware.


Wood-effect porcelain stoneware colours and formats

Roots interprets and revitalises the essence of Oak, a prestigious and flexible wood, in a glamourous and elegant palette of colours: Gold, Honey, Taupe and Tobacco, designed with Fap’s habitual care and attention to propose classic or audacious combinations with trendy interior design colours and to enable you to create your own personal chromatic universe.


Colour shades and variations pass softly from one to another, bringing out the naturalness and vitality of wood-effect stoneware, enhanced by a matt and glossy coating which, depending on the light, creates ever-changing warm and sensual vibrations.
These micro movements make the wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor a dynamic material, pulsating with life, indistinguishable from the true essence of Rovere (Oak).


The collection is ideal for connecting spaces, bringing the vitality of wood into residential and contract interiors – thanks to the IN 20x120 format, recommended also for solutions with underfloor heating – and for offering all the beauty and resistance of Oak-effect stoneware in outdoor contexts thanks to the OUT R11 (A+B+C) 20x120 and 7.5x45 format.



The collection is completed with two mosaics - Tratti 20x40 and Vintage 40.5x48.5 – and special pieces, like OUT skirting boards, steps, corner steps and L-shaped pieces that make it possible to create perfect finishes.


Roots is also ideal for particularly beautiful and resistant full-wall installations or ceramic boiserie, for creating kitchen worktops and shelves, covering niches in the shower area, walk-in wardrobes, or for simply giving continuity to the floor and walls, creating a natural join, like that achieved with slats in honey wood-effect porcelain stoneware (in the photo).


Close your eyes, breathe and immerse yourself in the scents of the forest.

Discover Roots!