Bright glazes on the walls, retro accessories, industrial chic… Vintage is the key in 2018!





Sophisticated, intellectual, erudite: this is the vintage style set to dominate furnishing trends for 2018.
A step back into the past, with an exquisitely contemporary approach to combining shapes, vivid colours and accessories with a retro flavour.

Must-haves for 2018 include eccentric, sumptuous padded velvet armchairs, artisan and démodé accessories and furnishing elements, offering a stylish new take on timeless beauty, mixing different allures and atmospheres while taking on board the technologies that add comfort to our living styles. Styles range from vintage to glam, but must-have features invariably include tropical plants and huge flowers, which are back again in decorations and upholstery, along with animalier patterns or rigorous geometric designs.

The colour of the year is a «provocative, thoughtful» Ultra Violet! Chosen by the Pantone Institute as a symbol of creativity, originality and visionary thought, we’ll be seeing it on sofas, accessories and tapestry, or on whole walls for the boldest, paired with black, white, red and blue.

“Daring” is the key, but the real luxury is the tailored look!
Customised projects, bespoke furnishings, elements and surfaces that allow you to obtain a unique, inimitable look. This is the spirit underlying the Manhattan line, for an eclectic, versatile project. Ideal for interior design projects with a metropolitan, industrial chic flavour. Perfect for completing the vintage identity of living areas, kitchens, bathrooms and commercial areas. A hallmark of the collection is its ability to engage with the light, which reflects on the surfaces and awakens different colour emotions depending on the mineral tones chosen: Grey, Smoke, Pearl, Vintage, Jeans, Black, White, Sand and Beige.

The small 10x30 size, ideal for the brick or parallel laying patterns, is ideal for bringing character and vitality to any setting. Extra rhythm and original inserts are provided by the special trims, such as the Mosaic and the new Tratti decoration. The true signature feature of the collection, however, is the choice of the joints, which become an actual furnishing element.
Depending on the desired effect, the designer can choose from a minimal or 5 mm joint to create trend-inspired surfaces, joints that match the tiles for a sense of continuity, or contrast with them to bring character to the walls.

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