Upcoming design trends! How to furnish your home

Upcoming design trends! How to furnish your home

Interior design and home decor 2022.
Here’s how to furnish your home in keeping with upcoming trends.

Interior design and home decor 2022.
Here’s how to furnish your home in keeping with upcoming trends.


What can we expect from interiors 2022?

They’re going to be authentic, practical, and furnished with warm, relaxing colours, enriched with organic shapes and textures, with a wealth of contrasts that express character. Modern furnishings will be mixing with vintage pieces and objects replete with meaning, all crafted in different materials. 

Ideas from the near future on how to furnish your home.

Smart, multi-functional spaces.

Living spaces have more and more to say about who we are, and increasingly express our personality and reflect our lifestyle, redesigning it in an on-going process that adapts to our own needs and to shifting seasons and trends. 

A key feature in architecture and design, in the home and beyond, is the ability to create rational, simple, versatile living spaces with multiple functions.
Living spaces have to adapt to the needs of their occupants, offering a comfortable, inviting environment for all sorts of activities.

The kitchen can thus become a classroom, a conference hall, a playroom or a creative studio, so trend-inspired, fashionable furnishings need to be simple, modular, easy to move or even have wheels.

Decorative design that defines spaces.

Simplicity for spaces, but not for shapes.

Decoration is increasingly an integral feature of design, even in the most minimal interiors. This can be achieved through accessories, or by other means, including more extensive work. Ample, clear spaces, unencumbered by furniture, can be given extra character with large, decorative panels,  or wall tiles able to bring a stylish accent to the setting.

All it takes is a few large or extra-large ceramic elements to bring splendidly colourful, meaningful shapes to an entire living space, creating plenty of atmosphere without the need for any other strategies.

These ultra-decorative ceramics can also be used to create indoor landscapes, opening up a natural window on the outdoors.

An example? FAP Murals Tropic Kenzia (on the cover), an artistic wall covering that creates impressive depth of colour and dynamic light reflections thanks to the lacquered patterns on matt backgrounds, following a sophisticated yet natural design. 


How to furnish a living room

Home working has also prompted a rethink of layouts, with a view to guaranteeing comfort and creating areas that say who we are both personally and professionally.
Once again, large slabs are the most effective solution for living room decor or even just for a corner of the home, a living room or kitchen wall.

They’re an easy way to create just the right backdrop for a study or workspace. An ideal option for creating a modern, creative mood is FAP Murals Texture Macro. To add elegance to a living room or rigour to a study, a perfect choice are the Iron slabs from the Roma Gold collection, which also features stoneware and wall tiles inspired by a variety of marbles with different effects and sizes, with a distinctively elegant, glossy surface for a look that’s both classic and eclectic.

Green in the home

Confirming the 2021 furnishing trends, plants are a must-have element that brings a fresh touch into the home, for a natural look conducive to well-being.

The most suitable plants for interiors include Anthurium, Bromelia, Dracaena, Ficus, Monstera, Pothos and Sansevieria. Ideal for the desk, next to the computer, Aloe, Philodendron and Tillandsia help to purify the air, while the bathroom is the perfect setting for tropical plants that do best in humid environments, such as ferns, philodendron, kentia and orchids.

Not much space? No problem! You can still bring a touch of green into your home with some hanging baskets and kokedama.


How to furnish an open terrace

These days, the border between interiors and the outdoors is seamless, thanks to open terraces, balconies, loggias and porticoes, which can be embellished with outdoor furniture that must be light, adaptable, technical and water-repellent. They can also be enhanced with generously sized green plants, mini-gardens or vertical gardens in smaller spaces. For a particularly smooth indoor-outdoor transition, porcelain stoneware flooring is ideal: resistant, high-performance and ideal for furnishing an open terrace, amplifying the interiors and creating a greater sense of continuity with the exterior.

Among the new products conceived by Fap with this in mind is Roots, a beautiful wood-effect ceramic covering perfect for extending the sitting room or bedroom outside en plein air.


A wood-effect stoneware with a beautifully authentic appearance, inspired by oak and created with a warm, vibrant, trend-inspired colour range, available in 20x120 strip and chevron versions, and with an OUT R11 finish so the beauty of wood can embellish any area exposed to the elements or heavy foot traffic.

The new stone-inspired Nativa collection also comes in Out R9 - R10 - R11 and Satin finishes, and in the sizes 120x120, 60x120, 80x80 and 40x80, offering the perfect repertoire for outdoor walls as well as floors, and to create organic living spaces that team nature with design.


Here again, the colours are right on trend and directly inspired by nature, with soft sand, grey and beige tones, as well as earthy shades and stone hues.

While upcoming trends place the accent on neutral, natural colours such as those in the Nativa collection, there’s also a growing desire for stronger tones: shades of brown that range from chocolate to turtle dove, vibrant greens, intense ochre, vivid purple, bright honey, warm, metal-inspired colours and deep, dark shades. These trends were already on board the collection Fap presented at Cersaie 2021: Roma Gold Onice Miele, Iron and Oxide Corten, and FAP MURALS Tropic Ibisco, Tropic Kenzia and Flower Corten.

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