A trendy outfit for bar and bistro furnishings

A trendy outfit for bar and bistro furnishings

Food is the new fashion and fashion is foody!

Food is the new fashion and fashion is foody!
How to furnish a modern bar and trendy bistro with resin-effect stoneware.

Food has become fashionable. Ceramics enters the world of fashion.
Tiles with increasingly sophisticated, tailored designs, like glamorous dresses to clothe bars and restaurants, where the art of good taste and cuisine are both celebrated!



Resin-effect stoneware is ideal for furnishing the modern bar!

From spaghetti printed on organza dresses to Dolce & Gabbana-designed Gragnano spaghetti. From the edible fashion of Kombucha Couture or Leeann Huang, to Panettone Gucci, as far as the Capsule collections of fashion brands or personal brands, like Oreo by Chiara Ferragni.

Fashion & Food are very close, a couple de longue durée, intriguing and always full of passion!

Just as fashion is contaminated by food, so the catering sector is influenced by the latest fashion design trends.

Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends
Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends


Forerunner of the magnificent duet was no less than the Sun King, the French sovereign Luis XIV (1638 – 1715) who contributed to establishing Paris as the absolute centre of haute cuisine and of haute couture, the unmissable destination of lovers of Fashion & Food.

Milan is definitely among the iconic cities of Fashion, Food and Design!

Forge of creativity and innovation, where new lifestyles are established and the trendiest bar and bistros are found! 

From (Michelin) star chefs like Massimo Bottura to the Gucci Osteria, to temples to cuisine developed by top architects, to less celebrated but equally brilliant and trendy venues.


And it’s precisely Milan that inspires Fap’s latest creations!
A refined interpretation of resin-effect stoneware, which takes on board one of the lessons of Maestro Giorgio Armani: modernity is simplicity, a sophisticated mix of pastel colours and fluid materials. 

This is Milano Mood, modern simplicity for an eternal elegance. An important ceramic project characterised by soft, mellow material elements, like its delicate nuances, or by decisive and absolutely trendy ones.

Resin-effect flooring – stoneware coloured in Ghiaccio, Nebbia, Cemento, Antracite, Sabbia and Biscotto, Gocce Ghiaccio and Gocce Nebbia, in Satin, R9 and R10 finishes, and in a wide range of formats: 120x120, 60x120, 80x80 and 40x80.

Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends

Resin-effect wall tiles coloured Ghiaccio, Perla, Sabbia, Biscotto, Acquamarina, Cielo and Cipria, in matt finish and 50x120 RT format, and a large repertoire of decorations that rival the most beautiful fabrics: particular, eccentric, fashionable… an extra matt which also offers sequins and glitter worthy of a dress for a Milanese evening! 


The refined elegance of Milano Mood Tropical Sand is like a shiny cocktail dress, enlivened by a lush pattern of bright lacquered leaves on a sand-coloured matt fabric.

Offered also in a Black and White version, the ultra-chic botanic decoration is ideal for the evening.

The wall tiles are a perfect match for the floors in Milano Mood Sabbia Satin and Milano Mood Antracite stoneware.

Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends
Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends


And for lovers of geometric fashion, there is Milano Mood Texture Triangoli, with repeated, lively and material patterns, for a really versatile look in combinations, like the one with the Cielo coloured wall tiles and the Biscotto floor.

1970s fashion is offered with Milano Mood Texture Archi: sophisticated, rigorous and radiant geometries, thanks to the contrast between matt and glossy for a vintage style that never fades.


The jungle look of Milano Mood Tropical Verde, a fashion evergreen since the 1990s, is here taken up by the brilliant lacquering of the foliage pattern traced on the matt and material background, which creates a beautiful interplay between material, colour and shine, reflecting on the Milano Mood Cemento Matt resin-effect porcelain stoneware floor.

Finally, the floral look!

The romantic Milano Mood Flower Cipria version lends lightness to walls like an organza dress dotted with watercolour flowers, and the fresher Milano Mood Flower Blu is sparkling and fluffy.

Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends


It’s a rich and deep collection that has no fear of the passing of the seasons, made with particularly advanced processing techniques that enhance wall tiles with vibrations and iridescence, and transform the resin-effect stoneware into a fabric to caress, soft and material in its plain matt colours.

The original ceramic outfit with which to dress your bar or bistro.

Bar and Bistro latest furnishing trends