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Trendy concept stores, boutiques and restaurants

Sustainability, minimalism, warmth and technology are the new keywords for the interior design of trendy stores, cafes and restaurants.


Aesthetics and style are important in any environment, but expressed within a precise thought where sustainability takes centre stage, in trendy premises too!
Even the technological aspect must follow the new dictates: automation, energy efficiency and savings. These are the fundamental drivers of a successful business, to furnish and make premises more comfortable and sustainable.

Glass, wood and stone are the most popular furnishing materials because they are natural, organic and eco-friendly. They easily blend with the spirit of the venue and its identity. Minimal furnishings, seats upholstered in eco-leather or velvet, marble, stone and oxidised surfaces for walls and floors. Trendy colours are those of natural materials, blue, olive green, burnt red, and colours of the earth and stone.

Details and accessories must be chosen with care, like actual décor items that can convey the thoughts of the premises.
Low-consumption lamps are perfect for creating an intimate and relaxing ambience and the right soundscape to express the venue's character.

Botanical decorations continue to be a must.

Wallpaper, plants and flowers can be replaced by floor and wall tiles that are much more high-performing, durable and comfortable to manage in the contract sector.

In fact, the ceramic evolution makes it possible to create very evocative and enveloping natural settings, which seem to emit the scent of the natural scenarios they recreate, bringing a breath of nature indoors with very few ceramic elements, thanks to the large format.

An idea that brings together the three trends of green, natural stone and oxidised surfaces is FAP Murals hyper-decorative, textured and richly coloured wall tiles that reproduce a beautiful ramage pattern crystallised in rust with glossy lacquering on a matt background combined with a Nativa porcelain stoneware floor, which faithfully reproduces natural rough stone, restoring its magnetic force with imperfections, mineral traces and sediments to create a very contemporary raw chic style full of natural references.


Nativa stone-effect porcelain stoneware is also ideal for creating customised furnishings: from consoles for halls and reception areas to elements capable of enhancing the value of goods and precious items in concept stores and boutiques. The walls can be covered with matching decorative surfaces most suited to the spirit of the place and brand, drawing from the vast repertoire of our Decor Box or, as in this case, by covering the wall with the delicate yet striking pattern of FAP Murals Flower Soft. 

Another perfect match for trendy interior design is marble and oxidised surfaces: a contrast that evokes a contemporary spirit, creating elegant and refined interiors, such as this boutique furnished entirely with ​​Roma Stone, a unique collection of porcelain stoneware wall tiles with a marble, stone and corten effect, accompanied by nature-inspired matt and glossy decorations.


One of the most original is undoubtedly Roma Stone Tropical Intarsi, a hyper-decorative wall tile that reveals the multi-material nature of the collection within the decoration itself.
A mix and match of shapes, colours and materials, enhanced by bright lacquering, capable of creating a pleasant three-dimensional effect that adds brightness and great depth to any space. Perfect for boutique hotel suites or corner studios.

Furnishing bedrooms with natural harmonies is easy with YLICO, a vast collection of wall and floor tiles that, like a tailor-made suit, allows you to customise rooms and suites with trendy colours and decorations. This collection was conceived to create true multi-sensory rooms where the boundaries between interior design and nature dissolve, complemented by decorative surfaces perfect for bright and glamorous bathroom furnishings.