Tiles with floral designs and tropical leaves

Tiles with floral designs and tropical leaves

Spring bursts into life on ceramics too!

Spring bursts into life on ceramics too!

In keeping with the latest trends, interiors are transformed into flower beds, botanical gardens, jungles and forests, bringing all the freshness of nature indoors on tiles with floral and tropical designs.

The return to ornamental decor once again renews the decorative power of ceramics, an ecological and versatile building material with almost infinite potential for decoration and personalisation.

Ceramics are becoming increasingly ornate, enlivened by 3D reliefs inspired by the world of nature and, thanks to the large, ultra-light, thin slabs, decorations are becoming striking and scenic.

In the most glamorous interiors, tiles are covered with tropical leaves and floral designs, interpreted according to different stylistic figures to harmonise with the setting, from classic to contemporary, where both private customers and designers can create the perfect interior landscape.

Tiles with floral designs

The wall tile Flower Cipria of Milano Mood can be used to create a true wall herbarium, for a contemporary romantic chic style!

A floral design with refined and vaguely nostalgic textures, where leaves and petals are detached from the background with bursts of light, thanks to lacquering applied on the reliefs: an effect obtained for the first time at industrial level, which lends great vitality and exquisite reflections to the wall. 

The size 50x120 means you can cover entire walls with just a few elements, to easily create your own vertical garden. 

Another decorative tile in the 50x120 size, Flower Blu, is fresh, airy and contemporary, with a naturalistic theme from Milano Mood, again characterised by a matt and glossy effect, which in this case is reflected in the whiteness of the background and the luminescence of the blue lacquer.

The cascade of flowers seems to lighten the walls in an upward movement, offering a great sense of airiness and tranquillity.

This floral decoration is ideal for hotel rooms, bright bathrooms or corners of the house where you can regenerate.

FAP Floral Tiles
FAP Floral Tiles

FAP Murals Flower Soft is romantic and absolutely contemporary.

A very light weave of petals in shades of grey and pink that almost dematerialises the walls, with evanescent textures that seem to float away from the background and reveal, between the veils of the petals, small shiny accents, like lacquered organza threads.

Tiles with tropical leaves

Milano Mood also includes a jungle soul with Wall Tile Tropical Verde in the size 50x120, with sparkling reliefs and very fresh. 

The overlapping of the lacquered ramage on the matt background gives a great sense of depth and, by reflecting natural light, creates an almost atmospheric effect.

As we venture into the forests and jungles of ceramics, we come across FAP Murals, wall tiles measuring 80x160 that are extremely rich in graphics, designed to create landscape-walls with unexpected, iridescent colours.

The tiles with tropical leaves, superimposed one on top of the other, have a refined, deeply outlined design which reveals small luminous streaks when they catch the light. 

The illusion is that of having windows that open onto the world, an architectural trick which opens up and amplifies space, making it extremely pleasant to stay indoors.

FAP Floral Tiles
FAP Floral Tiles

We conclude our journey into nature with FAP Murals Iper Tropical Kenzia Inserto Mix, an artistic ceramic tile in which the botanical theme is interpreted with the subtlety of watercolours.

The leaves are very light, ethereal, almost impalpable, rich in chromatic nuances, and create a pleasant three-dimensional sense of movement.


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