Sweet Dreams are made of this

Sweet Dreams are made of this

A dream of a bedroom, with a private bathroom and made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe. Here’s how...

Pleasure is not something momentary and fleeting.
It’s a sensation that remains, improving the quality of our lives; it’s a “luxury that makes us feel special”. This advanced, intimate concept is something we learned from Franca Sozzani, and it mustn’t be confused with “elite luxury, the luxury of expensive objects, with showy luxury (which more often than not is smothered by kitsch)”.

Luxury is something we really need these days: exclusive and relaxing, offering a safe haven from stress, a chance to tune back into our inner selves and restore contact with our loved ones. This need and this dream can come true and take shape in the heart of the home, in the intimacy of the sleeping area. An elegant, spacious bedroom, a private bathroom with a full range of spa pleasures, and a customised walk-in wardrobe.

“Sweet dreams are made of this”...
Our dream begins with a bedroom looking onto a landscape through a large window, opening onto a wall painted with a fabric effect. Clean-cut lines, simple furnishings, no other elements to disturb our rest. On the floor, we imagine our brand-new FAPNEST, an extremely elegant, natural wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection.

Next to the wood-effect stoneware staves (20x120, colour Oak), FAPNEST Mosaico Cube brings a decorative accent that leads seamlessly into the bathroom.
The resistance of this wood-effect ceramic solution means that the Mosaico can also be used in the shower cabinet, and combines beautifully with the Peak marble-effect ceramics from the brand-new Roma Classic collection.

If you fancy a total marble look, we suggest a maxi walk-in shower with a ceiling fixture for colour and aroma therapy, Roma Classic marble-effect tiles all over the bathroom wall and coordinated Mosaico flooring. Sophisticated, contemporary and luxurious!
And then there’s the last dream, the contemporary interior design response to the traditional wardrobe.

A made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe: practical, convenient and beautiful, allowing you to organise space, clothes and accessories and embellish your bedroom. Especially if the doors are covered with the vibrant, glossy, marble-effect ceramics from the Roma Classic collection, and the interiors with the staves from the FAPNEST collection, offering an ultra-sophisticated personal touch even Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” would love!

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