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Summer living: décor ideas for your home by the sea

Wood, stone and large sizes to bring a warm, unique touch to your summer home.

Choosing the décor for your home by the sea is a thrilling journey through different atmospheres, landscapes, evocative materials and lightweight fabrics. This is the place where we spend our most magical, relaxing, fun times: fleeting moments that come together to form the mosaic of a season, and shape memories set to warm the coming autumn.

Rule number one!

The first rule for décor is to consider the spirit of the location. It’s important to respect the identity of the place, so that the design of your home blends smoothly with the landscape and its typical architecture, complementing them with your own personal touch.
The location can provide the inspiration for the shapes, colours and materials to furnish your home by the sea, helping it form a smooth whole with its surroundings.


Décor ideas for a home next to the sea

From the warm, multi-coloured hues of the houses looking onto the north of the Tyrrhenian Sea, reminiscent of the marvellous Cinque Terre area, to the marine shades of the homes in the South, with their simple, bright, minimal design!
As we head down towards the Mediterranean, materials become more porous and attractively tactile, and colours take on shades of white and blue, complemented by the fragrance of the lemon trees, the shimmering hues of the olives and the sparkle of the waves…
All this is the SUMMER mood, a collection of wall tiles and porcelain stoneware that perfectly portrays the Italian summer landscape, with surfaces that are supremely expressive in terms of colour and material.


Décor ideas for a home near the sea

Homes inland have a more rustic style, taking on the shapes and colours of the countryside and rural architectures.
Here we can imagine the Terracotta, Oliva and Brezza wall tiles from the Summer collection, teamed with the Roots wood-effect stoneware on the floor, an evergreen that slots seamlessly into the indoor and outdoor landscape.  

This is a collection conceived to bring nature indoors, perfectly recreating the appearance of oak on stoneware, and guaranteeing beauty, safety and performance even outdoors, thanks to the OUT R 11 tiles, ideal for creating connections and embellishing courtyards, outdoor areas, gazebos and pool edges with the beauty of wood.


Décor ideas for a home by the sea with an iconic, statuesque allure

Some beautiful new options come from a trip around the coast from Liguria to Tuscany, where the marble quarries are the expression of a glorious season of art.

These quarries dug out into the rock inspire interiors of statuesque beauty, brimming with life, such as Nativa stone-effect stoneware, with its technological surfaces with a naturally striking appearance.

This stone-effect stoneware is characterised by endless veining effects that appear to conceal traces of minerals, sediment going back thousands of years and particularly expressive splashes of colour, especially in the large and extra-large sizes. Their beauty comes in different finishes: Satin, with a silky appearance, the more material, matt R9, R10 with impressive grip and R11 for outdoors.



Let’s conclude our ideal trip through home décor with an image of landscapes scorched by the sun, between the Mediterranean shrubs and the sea, with the sound of the cicadas and the waves...

Décor ideas for your seaside home from FAP!