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Summer at home with Summer

Those who love summer can prolong the pleasure and live it all year round with Summer by Fap!

Summer represents freedom, the possibility of moving around, travelling light, having time to look around, letting yourself be captivated by beauty, even close to home.

The colours are more vivid, the scents are more intense, the light infuses positivity and good vibes.


This is what Summer promises, a ceramic story that invites us to travel through Italy’s most beautiful landscapes.

Surfaces, colours, details and decorations are deeply inspired by Italian nature and craftsmanship, by the expanses of olive groves, by lemon trees, the summer breeze, the scent of the sea, and the warmth of sun-burnt lands.

The wall tiles offer soft, inviting sensations thanks to richly textured and deliberately imperfect surfaces that bring to mind traditional Italian terracotta products.



The stoneware floors are characterised by a full-bodied, textured effect, enriched by small mineral details and mottling that shimmer in the light, creating different landscapes depending on the combinations with wall tiles and decorations, and with the shades chosen from the Summer palette, a colour range that instils positive feelings, vitality and comfort.

Summer is also magic and amazement, and thus the story continues with decorations and 3D surfaces that enchant us with their contrasts of light and texture, aesthetic refinement and technical quality.

The vibrant horizontal reliefs of Slot, the soft shapes of Round mosaic, the matt and glossy contrasts of Flower, the splendour of the satin and iridescent flowers of Magnolia, the brand-new shapes of Elle mosaic, the sensuality of the Bark Ombra insert.

Each element is designed to blend harmoniously with the other. Floors, wall tiles, decorations and special pieces to create seamless designs.

Discover all the sizes, scents and colours of Italy to make summer last all year round.


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